Bright Memory: Infinite – How To Find All Reliquaries

Bright Memory: Infinite is a Sci-Fi action game that packs a hefty punch for its relatively short playtime. Taking place in the year 2036, secret agent Shelia must battle swathes of aggressive enemies before the Primordial Flood wreaks havoc across China and spells the end of life as you know it.

Shelia's arsenal is powerful enough as it is, but you can upgrade it to unlock devastating skills by collecting Reliquaries during your mission. Each Reliquary, resembling a jade statuette, is vital to building a dynamic set of attack moves. Here's how to find each one.

How To Find Every Reliquary In Bright Memory: Infinite

Most (if not all) Reliquaries can be found easily at checkpoints or at various obvious locations during your exploration. Keep your eyes peeled, as some of them are found in alcoves, upon ledges, or around the small empty houses you pass by on the way to each checkpoint.

You can also collect blue Relic Shards from breaking wooden crates and killing certain enemies. These stack up to eventually amount to one full Reliquary so stay on the lookout for crates to slash open!

There is no way of telling which ones do or don't contain a Shard, so for those farming for Reliquaries, your best course of action is to break anything and everything just in case. Deflecting bullets during boss battles can also award you with Shards sometimes, so get acquainted with your Lightblade — it really deserves to be your new best friend as you chase those skill upgrades.

Choose your Reliquary upgrades carefully. You won't find enough to upgrade all your weapons and abilities, so check out our complete weapons, ammo, and skills guide for more tips on how to spend your hard-earned collectibles!

Below you can check the locations for every Reliquary.

1Changes (Chapter Two)The first Reliquary is unmissable — just follow the main storyline, and you'll see it at a checkpoint.
2Changes (Chapter Two)After silently executing an enemy for the first time, two Reliquaries can be found in the house he was guarding.
3Changes (Chapter Two)After silently executing an enemy for the first time, two Reliquaries can be found in the house he was guarding.
4Changes (Chapter Two)Immediately before battling The Tian Yu Emperor for the first time, pick this Reliquary up from the safe house.
5Changes (Chapter Two)This one can be found at the top of the temple that you grapple up to after defeating the Emperor.
6Surrounded (Chapter Three)During the stealth sequence, search the dilapidated house that you climb up into from ground level after sneaking past the soldiers.
7Surrounded (Chapter Three)After you regain use of your weapons and fight an onslaught of soldiers, you will find this Reliquary tucked away on a ledge beneath the spot you are trying to jump up to.
8Surrounded (Chapter Three)On the platform leading around the top of the house once you jump up to the roof above the previous Reliquary.
9Surrounded (Chapter Three)After being shot at by the airplane, keep an eye out for it on your left.
10Surrounded (Chapter Three)Just before you pick up the sniper rifle, grab the Reliquary inside the ruined restaurant.
11Surrounded (Chapter Three)After your first battle sequence, it will be by some crates at the next safe zone/checkpoint.
12Surrounded (Chapter Three)When the tank pulls in, rush into the safe house on your right and the Reliquary will be among the ammo piles.
13Surrounded (Chapter Three)Found amongst the reeds in the reed field.
14Surrounded (Chapter Three)After you get ambushed by some ancient soldiers, you will find a Reliquary nearby at the end of the reed field section.
15Close Call (Chapter Five)You'll find this Reliquary at the beginning of Chapter Five.
16Close Call (Chapter Five)This one is found after leaping up to a balcony.
17Close Call (Chapter Five)Shortly after finding the previous Reliquary, you'll sport this one to the left of a large house.
18The Primordial Flood (Chapter Six)This one is in the middle of an otherwise empty field, very hard to miss since you need to run through it to get to your checkpoint.
19The Primordial Flood (Chapter Six)After grappling up a high wall and wasting the soldiers you find there, enter the house on your left to find this Reliquary.
20The Primordial Flood (Chapter Six)This one can be found easily in a safe house as you follow the story.
21The Primordial Flood (Chapter Six)After General Chen patches through to warn you about the jamming signal interfering with your tracking device, you'll find this last Reliquary on your left.

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