Bungie Announces Destiny 2 Showcase Coming August 23

Bungie has announced a new Destiny 2 showcase is coming August 23. Today’s trailer doesn’t explicitly discuss what will be shown at the showcase, but previous events have previewed upcoming seasons in Destiny 2 as well as the next year’s expansion.

Thanks to announcements made in prior years, we already know that the next Destiny 2 expansion will be titled Lightfall. Following The Witch Queen, where Guardians defeated the Hive god of deceit Savathun and recaptured the Traveler, players were given our first good look at the next big villain. The Witness is a mysterious, all-powerful force that uses the powers of Darkness to bring forth the Final Shape, a universal end-state devoid of all life.

Recent story beats in Destiny 2 have revealed The Witness works by manipulating powerful beings into doing his bidding, such as lying to Savathun to turn her to the Deep or leading Emperor Calus to forsake his own kind to become The Herald. The Witness also commands the pyramid fleet which have proven to have terrifyingly destructive capabilities.

Lightfall will likely set the stage for humanity’s confrontation with The Witness, judging by the trailer, while the overall story arch will culminate with 2024's expansion, The Final Shape.

There’s also two more seasons of Destiny 2 that are likely to be shown at the coming showcase. August 23 is also the same day Season 18 is set to launch, so we can expect to learn a lot more about the new season then. Season 19 will follow several months later before Lightfall, although it remains unclear whether Bungie will fully reveal that season or leave things in the dark until later.

Bungie has been somewhat less forthcoming with its big announcements. Several developers have been harassed online by Destiny 2 players, resulting in those developers scaling back their online presence. Bungie even sued a particularly troublesome player for repeatedly using cheats and for threatening a senior community manager.

For now, Guardians can take part in the Solstice event which runs now until the end of the season. The Solstice event brings new armor sets, a new Hand Cannon, and several new cosmetics.

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