Buy a Switch in the UK: Who has stock, where can you buy a Nintendo Switch

As people are trapped inside, forced to make their own entertainment as bars, pubs, clubs, theatres and everything else starts to close, more and more people are turning to gaming.

Unfortunately, this means that Nintendo Switch consoles are in short supply, so new gamers keen to get on the Nintendo hype train may be left disappointed.

As many people search to find a retailer where they can pick the hybrid handheld/home console for a decent price (CEX, eBay sellers and more are raising their prices to extortionate levels), many are finding the usual retailers to be out of stock.

Whilst the standard Nintendo Switch – with its detachable JoyCon controllers and dock which lets you connect it to a HD TV – are mostly sold out, there are still quite a few Switch Lite consoles remaining.

According to Stock Informer, though, there are quite a lot of Switch Lite consoles available at UK retailers Currys and Very.

The Switch Lite is a bit different to its chunkier sibling – it doesn't allow players to dock the console and show it on the TV, or detach the controllers, but it does have better battery life and a slightly better screen.

So it's about personal preference, or how badly you want to get your hands on the hardware during the lockdown.

Here's where you can grab a Nintendo Switch Lite in the UK:

• Currys (£199.00) and Very (£199.99) currently have stock of Nintendo Switch Lite (Grey).
• Currys (£199.00) and Game (£199.99) currently have stock of Nintendo Switch Lite (Turquoise).
• Currys (£199.00) and Game (£199.99) currently have stock of Nintendo Switch Lite (Yellow).

We'll keep you updated as more stock becomes available.

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