Call Of Duty 2020 is Black Ops 5 claims insider, may include free-to-play

Activision is allegedly in turmoil over development of Call Of Duty, with a report suggesting that Treyarch is making next year’s game.

One of the secrets of Call Of Duty’s success is that Activision has three separate developers taking it in turns to make each game, allowing for a generous three years of development each time.

Usually they take things in turn, with Treyarch making last year’s Black Ops 4, Infinity Ward making this year’s game (rumoured to be Modern Warfare 4), and WWII’s Sledgehammer developing next year’s game.

But according to a Kotaku report that normal plan has be thrown into disarray, with Sledgehammer, and Raven Software, now off the project and Treyarch brought in to take over.

The rumours claim that Raven Software, who have not released a solo project since 2010’s Singularity, were taking the lead on the game, with Sledgehammer – who have recently lost their two co-founders – reduced to a support role.

The plan for 2020 was a Cold War game, likely involving Vietnam, but now apparently Treyarch are just going to make Black Ops 5 instead.

Supposedly Treyarch will adapt the work already done by Raven and, while keeping the Cold War setting, turn it into a Black Ops game – despite Black Ops 4 not having had a story campaign.

Exactly why all this has happened is unclear, although the fact that the 2020 game will probably be the first on the next generation consoles likely plays a part.

The primary problem though seems to be the exit of Sledgehammer’s founders, with many staff having left with them and tensions rising between the remaining employees and Raven.

Also of interest in the Kotaku report is that Activision has begun to consider embracing free-to-play for Call Of Duty.

They aren’t necessarily thinking of making the whole game free, but are weighing up the possibility of a free-to-play component, starting with this year’s game – with an evolution of Black Ops 4’s Blackout battle royal mode being the obvious way to test the waters.

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