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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has some infuriating moments. Nothing is more annoying than not being able to infiltrate a building because there is an overpowered shotgun in the house. The Expedite 12 definitely falls in this category. A powerhouse in those close and quick combat scenarios, the Expedite 12 is a deadly weapon to have in your hands.

If holding down close quarters is your ideal playstyle, then the Expedite 12 is possibly the gun for you. An excellent fire rate, damage output, and mobility really make this weapon stand out and shine in those indoor face-to-face fights.

Expedite 12 Build

This Expedite 12 build focuses on Damage, Fire Rate, Range, Mobility, and Handling. There is a slight diminish in Accuracy and a significant decrease in Recoil Control. This won't be an issue, however, since you will be getting one-shot kills quite a bit and the Fire Rate makes up for the Accuracy decrease.

SlotAttachment NameProsConsTunes
MuzzleSA Schweigen DX
  • Recoil Smoothness
  • Damage Range
  • Bullet Velocity
  • Sound Suppression
  • Aim Down Sight Speed
  • Aiming Stability
  • Aim Walking Speed
  • -1.40 oz Weight
  • +1.00 in Length
  • Aim Down Sight Speed
  • Aiming Stability
  • Sprint to Fire Speed
  • Laser Visible when Aiming Down Sights
  • N/A
StockResonance Stock Collapsed
  • Aim Down Sight Speed
  • Sprint to Fire Speed
  • Movement Speed
  • Hip Recoil Control
  • Aiming Recoil Control
  • Aiming Stability
  • Flinch Resistance
  • N/A
Rear GripSchlager Void Grip
  • Sprint to Fire Speed
  • Aim Down Sight Speed
  • Recoil Control
  • -1.00 oz Weight
  • -0.45 in Width
BoltExpedite L-Bolt
  • Fire Rate
  • Recoil Control
  • N/A

This weapon makes its mark in close-quarters situations and when you can see the whites of your opponent's eyes. You will find that the movement speed and maneuverability of the shotgun itself are a lot of fun. Running around indoors, holding down an objective, and dominating those tight spaces is where this gun is the most effective.

Once you learn the ranges of the Expedite 12, you will know exactly when to run, shoot, or apply pressure. While this gun does great in short and very-short ranges, you will find the mid-range is a bit less effective. This is why this weapon's playstyle centers around indoor fights. Not to say it can't be effective at mid-range, but it may take some practice.

The high rate of fire will certainly prove helpful when you need to take multiple shots at midrange to keep applying that pressure and possibly get that kill.


To make sure you can really dominate those face-to-face fights, you will want a proper loadout and equipment to go with this beastly weapon. You will want to add to your Mobility, while also giving yourself the edge of being hidden and yet so destructive. An arsenal of destruction, stealth, and taking the enemy by surprise in an unconventional way with the Smoke Airdrop is a fun way to play this weapon.

Let's take a look at the best pairings, so this weapon can truly be a menace.

TacticalStimSince you will be up close and personal with the enemy team, bring along a Stim to gain some health regeneration when having a close call with death.
LethalFrag GrenadeThe trusty old Frag Grenade will ensure you can keep the battlefield in a state of chaos as you rush in for the point-blank shot or blow them up with one of these.
Perk PackagesDouble Time, Scavenger, Fast Hands, and GhostSince you want to cover as much ground as possible, Double Time will come in handy with your Mobility. Scavenger will help you stay stocked up on ammo from fallen enemies, while Fast Hands will help your long shotgun reload times be manageable. Ghost will help you stay hidden from enemy UAVs, Radars, and Heart Beat Sensors, so they will never know where you are coming from next.
Field UpgradesDead Silence and Smoke AirdropSince this is a mobile setup, making sure you can run in silence will prove helpful. That's where Dead Silence comes in. You will be able to sneak up on the enemy with ease with this Field Upgrade. Smoke Airdrop can prove useful when you either need to get away or if you drop it on the enemy and run into the smoke you will be able to pull off some point-blank kills before they know what's going on (if you can find them in the smoke that is).

Remember this is a short and very short-range build. Make the build and give it some practice shots in the firing range.

Keep in mind, you will be closer to enemies than the firing range will allow, but it will help you get a feel for the weapon. You will dominate those close-quarters indoor zones with this beast.

Now that you have it, give it a go and watch those Killstreaks come with ease.

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