Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare features mustard gas attack on child playground

New details have emerged about the most controversial Call Of Duty mission since No Russian, including child soldiers and graphic violence.

Although all that’s been seen in public is a few minutes of footage, it’s already obvious that with the new Modern Warfare the intention is to make the game seem more serious and realistic than ever before.

The original Modern Warfare games were, for the most part, cheesy Michael Bay style affairs, with even elements such as the infamous No Russian civilian massacre played up for the sake of controversy rather than any pretence at realism.

But the new game is claiming to do things differently, especially with one mission in which you play a young girl who has to defend her family from Russian soldiers.

The mission was first mentioned in an interview with Variety, where it describes the girl having to shoot and stab numerous soldiers to death.

There’s also a mission where you play a SAS soldier having to fight through a London townhouse, killing terrorist suspects but trying to avoid civilians – although the game doesn’t necessary end the mission if you kill only a few, including a mother and her child.

No footage of the missions has been shown in public yet but YouTuber Drift0r has gone into more detail describing the child soldier mission, where you play a nine-year-old girl called Farrah.

The mission starts with Farrah watching her mother die from her injuries, after an attack by Russian soldiers, as she and her father run home to get to her 11-year-old brother.

At the same time Russian soldiers are seen massacring civilians and gassing them, while the father is killed and Farrah has to sneak around her home, stabbing soldiers to death and doing things like cutting their Achilles tendon.

After escaping being strangled to death, Farrah and her brother then apparently come across a playground covered in mustard gas and littered with the bodies of dead children.

According to Drift0r the violence, including that centred around children, is very graphic and would be difficult to show on YouTube, given how the service has changed how it monetises violent video game content.

While the situations being portraying are more realistic than No Russian, the new Modern Warfare game is clearly still headed for controversy – which is arguably exactly what publisher Activision is counting on.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare will be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on 25 October this year.

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