Call Of Duty Pros Are Debating Whether To Ban Sniper Rifles Before CDL Major 1

Call of Duty is one of the biggest games around. Just ask Sony or Microsoft as they continue to argue over the significance of the proposed Activision Blizzard-Microsoft merger. The shooter also has a lively and large esports scene with individual pros as well as pro teams duking it out to see who reigns supreme. These pros also negotiate rules of engagement as they face each other.

As reported by Dexerto, CoD pros seemed to have agreed to put a ban on sniper rifles from all competitive matches. There's no contractual obligation on such bans but among professional players such GAs (gentlemen's agreements) are common. Ahead of the Call of Duty League season the pros have decided to ban the sniper rifles seemingly because the weapons are considered overpowered for the latest title.

Sam "Octane" Larew, a professional CoD player for LA Thieves, tweeted that viewers can enjoy the professional plays in Modern Warfare 2's Search and Destroy mode (SND) this year but that they should not expect to see any sniper rifles.

Other CoD pros are starting to get behind the GA. While the agreement necessarily requires all those participating in the league to agree, other pro players agreeing in principle should see the GA being applied. FaZe pro player Austin Liddicoat aka SlasheR tweeted: "I had nothing to do with the GAs going on but be sure to slap me on the thumbnail @TacticalRab you know you want to".

But not everyone agrees with the ban. Nadeshot for example, who founded 100 Thieves (who are the owners of LA Thieves, the team that Larew belongs to) fervently opposed the GA on snipers. "I don't know both sides of the argument very well and haven't been able to play MW2 competitively but regardless, GA'ing snipers out of Call of Duty for the CDL is just down right stupid," he tweeted. "You guys are sucking the fun out of the game. No argument you can make would change my mind."

The CoD League will begin with Major 1 Qualifiers on December 2. Whether we will see snipers come next Friday is an open question but it appears to be leaning towards no sniper rifles and no smoke grenades.

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