Call Of Duty: Warzone Brings April Fool’s Mode Back… In October

This year has flown by, but it's not April yet. We're in October, so we've got a good three months left before 2023. Still, Call of Duty is jumping the gun and bringing back its April Fool's Day mode for Warzone ahead of its closure before Warzone 2's debut.

You can find the new mode in-game now, titled 'Totally Normal BR' (thanks, GamesRadar). The mode's description literally warns you away from playing, reading, "Don't press this button". You're chucked onto the battlefield without a parachute, but you don't splat against the pavement. There's no fall damage. And when you've landed, you'll quickly learn you have every single Perk.

If you do die, there's still a Gulag for you to fight in. And if you win, drop onto the island, and die again, you can go back to the Gulag for another try. However, if you die in the Gulag, that's it. All this is to say that Gulags are unlimited so long as you win them, meaning that you can come back as many times as it takes to clutch that victory.

You'll even start matches with a Panzerfaust rocket launcher, though it's not as overpowered as it sounds – it won't kill anyone, instead propelling them backwards for you to chase after. It's all a bit silly and chaotic, hence the warning away, but if you can stomach a completely off-the-rails challenge, then now might be the last time for it. Unless Warzone 2 does something similar for April Fool's Day 2023.

Warzone 2 is rolling out next month, so it won't be long before we get a shot at the next iteration of Call of Duty's battle royale. But before that, we can look forward to Modern Warfare 2, and not the old one – the new one, and it's not a remake. It's a sequel to the reboot, launching on October 28.

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