Capcom Is Testing The Water For Another Showcase

It's been a weird few years for video game expos. E3 was already looking shaky as the pandemic was looming, but nobody thought we'd come out of it with Keigh3, a.k.a. Summer Game Fest. Similarly, none of the organizers were sure when they'd be able to go back to the show floors, or if they would have to continue with digital showcases.

Capcom held its own showcase recently, but with all the understandable uncertainty, the company wanted to be sure that the fans wanted it. So, in order to gauge if fans would actually tune in to another digital showcase, Capcom decided to just ask. The company hasn't been shy about straight-up asking fans what they want. Only a few days ago, it sent out a survey asking fans if they liked series like Dino Crisis and Dead Rising, sparking hope for remakes.

This recent survey asked the usual questions about demographics, platforms, gaming habits, and about your favourite Capcom games (thanks, VGC). It then went on to ask audiences if they were aware of the Capcom Showcase which was held recently, and if they tuned in to it. An odd pair of questions even asked fans how likely they'd be to purchase a set list of titles, and how interested they'd be in very specific Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak items – like new monsters or quests by specific NPCs.

Lastly, the survey asked, "How interested would you be in watching a future Capcom digital event like Capcom Showcase?" If it wasn't evident from the questions, Capcom was very obviously trying to get some data on how its showcase performed, and if there was any merit in hosting its own showcase, as opposed to getting its games featured in Summer Game Fest or a Sony State of Play for instance.

However, we did get to see some major Resident Evil reveals during the showcase, including Resident Evil Village's first DLC expansion, Shadows of Rose. It will launch on October 28, alongside a new game mode and third-person camera options. Capcom also revealed that current-gen upgrades were available for Resident Evil 2, 3, and 7 – as a shadow drop on the spot.

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