Catch Fish With Friends In Real VR Fishing Update On Oculus Quest

You can go fishing with friends on Oculus Quest with the new “Together Edition” multiplayer update to Real VR Fishing.

A beta test for multiplayer with up to four total players together is now live in the fishing game which originally launched last year with impressive water effects and stunning environments. The update is expected to launch broadly in August as developer MIRAGESOFT finishes testing.

Check out the latest trailer here:

The update features:

  • Up to 4 players available in one room
  • Avatar customization
  • Voice chat with a push-to-talk option in the menu
  • Choose multiplayer server via region
  • Create or join in a room from “Multiplayer” Menu on the TV screen
  • Host will decide which location to visit for all the users in the same room.
  • See other players information (Name, Type of fish caught)
  • Add friends from the Multiplayer menu

I tried out the update with my daughter in a pair of Quests and it was a joy to transport from our couch to a lake together. It really is an incredible simulation of the real thing with such beautiful environments and none of the downsides of physically going fishing. Of course there’s still fun to be found in actual fishing, but the moment our lines crossed and we didn’t actually tangle anything was enough to find immense satisfaction in this escape. We were catching fish in no time and quickly competing for the biggest catch.

The “Together Edition” should exit beta on August 6 on Oculus Quest. A version of the game is set to launch on Steam later this year. The development team is considering cross-play between Steam and Quest players but, if they do add it to the Steam version, it’ll take some time for implementation.

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