Champion Designs A Hoodie Specifically For Esports Gamers

Although the debate as to whether esports are actual sports or not continues to rage on, one company has decided to make a strong statement in favor of virtual sports. Champion, the iconic athletic wear brand, has launched its new Gamer Collection, which introduces a line of hoodies and sweatpants specifically designed for gamers.

According to David Robertson, Champion’s director of global brand management, the company wanted to design an “unofficial uniform for gamers” that updates the classic hoodie, while recognizing that gamers are also athletes with “distinctive needs for their sport.”

The hoodie, which will be sold in both zip-up and pullover models, features a variety of gamer-specific accessories that make it more practical and comfortable to wear while spending long hours gaming. The hoodie includes an oversized hood, meant to fit a gamer’s head as well as their headset, and narrower sleeves with a “unique rib cuff” that prevents them from interfering with gameplay.

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The gamer hoodie also includes several pockets: one with zippers for a player’s phone; a top-loading pocket for controllers, and a zip pocket at the chest meant for a credit card. The pockets are lined with microfleece to keep gamers’ hands warm, while the overall “modern fleece fabric” delivers “odor control technology” for extended gaming sessions.

Perhaps the coolest hoodie feature is a Velcro patch system on the chest and left shoulder that can be customized with esports sponsor logos or team patches during tournaments. Champion also plans to introduce limited design velcro patches for specific tournaments, such as the FIFA eClub World Cup or the League of Legends World Championship.

Interestingly, the new gamer hoodies will be Champion’s “first new patent in over 50 years,” which is impressive since the brand has sponsored the NBA, the NFL and countless individual teams, such as the Chicago Bears or the Atlanta Falcons.

Champion’s initial Gamer Collection, which will include a zip hoodie, listed at $90, a pullover hoodie, listed at $80, and sweatpants, listed at $50, will be available in both gray and black. They will be sold at and the company’s retail stores.

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