Channel 4 Is Still Using The Old, Ugly Sonic Movie Design

The UK's Channel 4 is showing the first Sonic the Hedgehog movie over the next 30 days, but it seems to have made a pretty big mistake in the listing. For some reason, Channel 4 is using Sonic's old, gremlin-like movie design, rather than the render that was actually used in the final product.

Sonic the Hedgehog was added to Channel 4's streaming service yesterday, with the wrong image still being used at the time of writing. It serves as a reminder of what could have been, sending us back to the time of tiny eyes, weird proportions, and Gangsta's Paradise.

This error was spotted by a Sonic fan on Reddit, and is still live as of Saturday morning. It makes for the best look we've had of ugly Sonic in a while, with the glossy promotional render reminding us of a very different Sonic movie.

Better yet, because Channel 4 has selected the wrong image for the film listing, it seems to also be appearing on other platforms. For example, the Redditor who spotted this did so via Sky, which uses the same image.

In case you somehow missed the ugly Sonic debacle the first time around, all you have to know is that the render was so bad that the studio listened to the outpouring of fan complaints, delaying the movie to redesign the blue blur. The model we got was both easier on the eyes and more faithful to his appearance in the games, albeit with a few changes to better suit the new real-world setting.

It remains to be seen if Channel 4 updates the listing once it realizes the mistake. In the meantime, hopefully no one is put off by the hideous 'hog we can see on the site right now, because the movie is pretty alright despite that production hiccup.

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