ChatGPT invented a clever new game that may be better than Wordle

A user asked ChatGPT to invent a new game loosely based on Soduko, and the AI did so, resulting in a surprisingly fun game that anyone can play online. “Sum Delete”, a numbers-based logic game was invented earlier this week, after Substack user Puzzled Penguin asked the artificial intelligence-based chatbot for recommendations for puzzle games similar to Soduko.

In response, ChatGPT listed five other puzzle games that can test your logic and problem-solving skills, with many of them using numbers.

However, the user was already familiar with all these puzzle games, which is when he asked the AI to “invent a logic puzzle similar to sudoku that doesn’t currently exist”.

After a couple of attempts, ChatGPT came up with the “Sum Delete puzzle”, where the objective is to delete certain numbers in a 7×7 grid, ensuring that the sum of numbers in each row and column is equal to the target number shown at the end of each row and column.

The chatbot was able to turn this into software code, which Puzzled Pengiun and then turned into a website where anyone can play the game.

If you’re curious about trying the game, you head to the link here. tried to across varying difficulties and found it surprisingly fun to solve.

While the first two levels, consisting of a 3×3 and a 4×4 grid, felt like a breeze to solve. The next “intermediate” level was slightly more challenging as there were many different ways to solve a column, but only one right method to get the grid correct.

The puzzles got more challenging at higher levels, with the 6×6 grid taking several minutes to complete. If you love puzzles like this, maybe you should give it a go on their “master” difficulty, which offers up a 9×9 grid, and even includes negative numbers, that make the game headache.

While the game may be fun, the user questioned the originality of the game, as ChatGPT has previously been accused of borrowing heavily from other source materials.

When he asked the chatbot about the originality, ChatGPT responded saying: “As far as I am aware, this specific type of puzzle with the given rules and mechanics does not currently exist in the puzzle game genre.

“However, there may be similar games out there that share some similarities with this puzzle. The puzzle game that is most similar to the game we created would be the Magic Square puzzle.”

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