Chinese MMO Company Celebrates Players By Sending Their Usernames Into Space

We’ve shot so much useless garbage into space that the European Space Agency has commissioned a Swiss company to start slowly taking some of it back down at an enormous cost. Each giant space claw (that very much resembles a Reaper from Mass Effect) will burn up on re-entry with Earth’s atmosphere along with whatever pieces of junk that it managed to remove.

Throwing frivolous things into space really shouldn’t be a priority for anyone, but there’s no denying how cool it would be to tell your friends that you managed to send a piece of yourself outside of Earth’s atmosphere.

Case in point, the recent inaugural launch of Chinese satellite company Spacety’s Long March 8 rocket, which took to the stars on December 22 from its launch pad in Wenchang, China. Aboard the rocket were two satellites, Hisea-1 and Yuanguang. “Hisea-1 is Spacety’s first commercial Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellite,” wrote Spacety on its website, “which is also the world’s first commercial C-band small satellite SAR with a phased-array antenna.”

Yuanguang is a scientific satellite that will examine interactions between moving surfaces in space. Hisea-1 will be used for “disaster management, agriculture, infrastructure monitoring,” and can also be used for defense and intelligence gathering.

And alongside both satellites was a small SD card filled with the usernames of 100 million different Legend of Mir 2 players. In case you’ve never heard of it, Legend of Mir 2 is a Korean MMORPG that launched in 2001 and became a huge deal in both Korea and China–think WoW, but more Taoist and sprite-based.

Legend of Mir 2 doesn’t have anything in particular to do with Space, but developer Shengqu Games thought it’d be neat to have 100 million of their game’s usernames shot into space in a rocket filled with scientific and surveillance satellites. So here we are.

Let’s hope that SD card doesn’t sail through some poor schmuck’s re-entry vehicle one day.

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