Chivalry 2: A Guide To Combat

Combat is a major part of Chivalry 2 as it is a determining factor of your success in the game. Your fighting style needs to be perfected in order to consistently take down opponents and help your team win games. There is a bit of a learning curve, but in no time you will be tearing down your opponents.

The tutorial is a great tool to use if you need some hands-on practice as it will walk you through the basics and allow you to practice your new skills. The best fighters are not made overnight, but with a few tips and tricks, you can become one of the greats in Chivalry 2.

Basic Attacks

You have four basic attacks that you can use in Chivalry 2 and they include:

  • Overhead
  • Stab
  • Slash/Shoot
  • Special

The first step to becoming better at combat is to become great at each one of these attacks. The overhead and slash can be heavy attacks, while the stab is usually a light attack. You can also drag your attacks and hit multiple opponents at once by elongating your swing.

There are a few different attacking methods that work well for players. One of the best is circling your opponent while you perform light hits to slowly take down their health, as they can only block what they are looking at.

One tip for new players is that they should also learn how to feint, which basically turns one attack into something completely different. It could transform an overhead into a stab and your opponent will be caught off guard as they won’t know how to block it.

Throwing Weapons

You have the ability to throw your weapon at an opponent, but be careful when doing this. The class you choose might leave you with a subpar secondary weapon that won’t compete with your opponent’s if your toss doesn’t happen to kill them.

It is important you understand the situation so you don’t end up on the losing side of the battle because of a silly mistake.

Performing Combos

Combos are everything as you need them to wear down your opponent’s health. It basically means stringing together a series of different attacks to hit your opponent from different angles.

You can even perform a combo after a successful block, which actually puts you at an advantage. This is called a riposte and it gives you a half-second to perform an attack if you block your opponent’s hit. These attacks are faster and also block incoming hits for a short period of time.

Special Attacks

Each class has its own special attack that will help drain your opponent’s stamina. For example, the Footman has a Sprint Charge ability and a Vanguard can perform a Leaping Strike.

However, make sure to save these for the right moment and it will take time to learn how to use them as they are often skill-based.

How To Block And Parry

You can block, or parry, an attack by either tapping or holding down the corresponding button. However, don’t hold onto your blocks as this will drain your own stamina and once you run out it will leave you defenseless. This doesn’t mean you should never block, but you should be wary of the consequences of playing a more defensive role.

If you happen to end facing a shield you can wait for their stamina to run out, or you can kick their shield and land an attack. It is also something to keep in mind when using a shield of your own so you can watch out for your enemy’s kicks.


If you block an attack, from a weapon or a fish, you will be given a slight advantage over your opponent if you counter with the same type of attack. They are considered a “perfect parry” and will prevent you from losing stamina or being knocked back.

It is something to keep in mind during a fight as it could give you an advantage over your opponent.


If you don’t want to block, then you can always try dashing to the left or right to prevent your opponent from landing their attack. This strategy is best used by more agile classes and those with faster weapons.

It is always something you should put into the mix every now and then as it can throw your enemy off their game if they happen to be beating you down.

Tips And Tricks

There are a few other tips and tricks you can follow that can help you tremendously when trying to improve your combat and fighting skills. It will take time and patience, as this is a skill-based game, but the payoff, in the end, will make it all worthwhile.

Practice In Free-For-All

The best place to practice your combat skills is in Free-For-All as it is every player for themselves. You won’t have to focus on an objective or working with a team, as this mode is strictly about you working on your fighting technique.

You can even go into offline mode and participate in this game if you need simpler opponents to start off with.

Identify Your Best Opponent

There are certain advantages that classes and subclasses have over others, and your weapon choice can also be a determining factor. This is why you should be able to identify each of the classes on the battlefield and know which one is the best for you to face based on your build.

Stay On The Outskirts Of Fights

You should always stay on the outskirts of a fight and never end up surrounded by the enemy. It is easy to be sucked into these battles only to find that your teammates are nowhere in sight.

It is important to always be wary of your surroundings so you don’t end up somewhere that you were never meant to be.

Be Careful When Swinging Near Your Teammates

You can damage, or even kill, your own teammates so be careful where you swing your weapon. It can sometimes be confusing in larger battles where everyone is wildly swinging their weapons.

However, if you do happen to knock a teammate you can always pick them back up so they can rejoin the fight.

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