Chivalry 2: Tips And Tricks For Free-For-All

Chivalry 2 has a mode called Free-For-All where it is every man for themselves, and it can be insanely hectic without a few tips and tricks up your sleeve. No corner of the map is safe as someone with a sword or ax is sure to find you eventually. The goal of this mode is to be the first to 35 kills, and some see this as an impossible task.

Luckily, there are a few things you can keep in mind that will make this dream a reality so you can see your name as the winner on the leaderboard. Free-For-All can be fun as long as you know how to best your opponents in Chivalry 2, and it is easier than you think.

Pick Your Opponent Wisely

The most important thing you can do in Free-For-All is picking the right opponent. It is pretty easy to tell based on their customized armor alone which opponent will take you down and which one might be a decent challenge.

You obviously want to go for the weakest on the battlefield, as well as those who are currently losing a fight. It is possible to steal someone’s kill as all you need is to be the last hit.

The best strategy in terms of opponents is to focus on the AI’s as they will go down in one to two hits and are very easy to identify. You can easily rack up five kills in a row simply by focusing on these computer-generated players, even if this isn’t technically historically accurate.

Knowing Your Opponent

It is one thing to know which armor has been customized, and another to understand the different classes and subclasses. Archers are the weakest and should you see one in Free-For-All they should be your number one priority as it will be an easy kill.

The Knights will be the toughest, especially those with shields, as they have the most health and will take quite a few hits to kill. The Vanguard and Footman are on equal ground, but beginner players often choose to use a Footman so this class should be prioritized.

Memorize The Battlefield

There are a few different maps you will play in Free-For-All and each one has its own advantages and disadvantages, which is why so many Skyrim players adore this game.

Currently, three Free-For-All maps exist and they include:

  • The Battle of Wardenglade
  • The Fighting Pit
  • Tournament Grounds

The Battle of Wardenglade is fairly open and probably the easiest map to play as there are not too many obstacles for you to face aside from your opponents. It is literally an open field, but the darker setting does make it easier for players to disappear from sight.

The Fighting Pit has several holes filled with spikes that you can fall into if you are not paying attention to your surroundings. The spawn system also has a knack for respawning players directly behind you when you enter a match.

The Tournament Grounds offer a relatively open area with small barriers for separation. It helps keep mini fights from transforming into something bigger but beware of the spinning posts that can knock you off your feet.

Switch To Third-Person View

You can choose between the first and third-person view, but you should be using the third-person view in this total war game. It allows you to watch all angles so you know if someone is sneaking up on you from behind.

While first-person can make it easier to fight, this other view will save your life as you are now prepared to dodge the weapons of multiple opponents all around you.

Never End Up In The Middle, But Be Aggressive

The most important place to never end up is in the middle of a group that is fighting one another because they will all turn on you. You will become the focus of their efforts as they know you are trapped and won’t make it out alive one way or another.

However, this doesn’t mean you should stop being aggressive, because you do need to acquire 35 kills before your opponents. If you sit back and focus on blocking it is guaranteed you will lose every time in this medieval strategy game.

You should focus on staying on the outside of fights between multiple players as you look to land the final hit on someone who is low health.

Switch Up Your Hits

When you are in a one-on-one fight with another player it is important to switch up your fighting style. You don’t want to continuously perform light hits or always swing from the left as they will begin to anticipate this.

It is important to mix in some blocks and dodges, as well as change your hits to keep your opponent on their toes.

Dodge Like Your Life Depends On It

Blocking is useful, but dodging is even better as it will throw your opponent off their game. The more you dodge and avoid their attacks the greater a chance you have at finding an opening to deal some massive damage.

This is an especially useful tactic if you choose the Vanguard class, due to their enhanced speed compared to the other classes.

Don’t Forget To Throw Your Weapon

If all else fails, and you have a secondary weapon, you should consider throwing yours. It might seem like backward advice to throw away your best weapon, but sometimes it is worth it to finish off an opponent who is one hit away.

However, this shouldn’t be done when there are a few other guys in the same fight as you and should be saved for when it is strictly a one-on-one fight. This way you can retrieve your weapon after you finish them off.

Choose The Right Class

There are four different classes to choose from, and each one has three classes beneath it. It is important to have a class that suits your playstyle, and the speed of the game. It is best not to use the archer class, even if bow-and-arrow is your forte, and you should look to choose one of the Knights due to their immense health.

The Footman class can be quite versatile and is great for beginners, while the Vanguard class is perfect for those who like to be quick on their feet. Overall, it is dependent upon your playstyle and what weapons feel best in your hands as to which class you decide to use.

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