Chong Raises The Skies Walkthrough – Immortals Fenyx Rising: Myths Of The Eastern Realm Vault Guide

Chong Raises the Skies is the second of three vaults on the first island in Myths of the Eastern Realm. Myths is the second DLC pack from Immortals Feynx Rising, and takes place in Chinese mythology rather than Greek, and everything in the game has a more ethereal quality to it – the vaults included.

You will need to use ring jumps a lot here, and the first jump is a very single ring jump with a handy tutorial. These ring jumps consist of you using the ‘pull’ button while in midair, and grabbing onto a fixed ring, the momentum of which flings you forwards. Remember to go into a glide afterwards to make the difficult gaps.

The second path is the same, but includes you gliding over the lasers in between the ring jumps. The third path is the same again, but also has vertical lasers, meaning you can lose health quickly with some poorly timed jumps. Make sure to glide until you’re directly in line with this gap, and then use the ring jump to leap through it. If you’re struggling for height, using LB+A (or your console’s equivalent) will see you leap directly upwards. However, this move will also drain your stamina.

Once you get across this section, you can either keep going straight on for the end, or turn left for an epic chest. If you go left, you’ll need to glide across the section while avoiding the pillars. There are ring jumps along the way to keep the momentum, but they’re quite high. You’ll still be able to grab them, but you might not always see them, so just remember that they’re evenly spaced between the platforms. Once you reach the end, pick up the bow upgrade and ride the platform back to the middle.

Next, there’s another ring jump section with a strong sideways wind. You always want to start at the side the wind is blowing from, that way it can blow you across into place. That means starting on the right, gliding to grab the ring, then gliding to the left, before being blown across to the ring. At the end of this section, ring jump again to reach the final platform, and move forward to collect a piece of Sky Agate. This can be used to give you a health boost, but only once you take it back to the Peace Forge.

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