Christopher Judge’s Game Awards Speech Was Almost Even Longer

Even in a year with controversial nominations and a stage invader spouting nonsense, the most divisive part of The Game Awards 2022 was arguably Christopher Judge's acceptance speech. Bagging the Best Performance award for his role as Kratos in God of War Ragnarok, Judge's speech went on for eight uninterrupted minutes, much to the annoyance of host, Geoff Keighley.

Now, it turns out that it was almost even longer. Judge has taken to Twitter to reveal that his speech was cut off before he could finish, as he meant to conclude his speech by thanking his wife, Gianna Patton-Judge.

"I was cut off before I could finish," said Judge after The Game Awards had wrapped up. "I wanted to end by thanking my ride or die my beautiful wife Gia Judge." In the actual speech, he finishes by thanking his fellow nominees, although he does appear to feel rushed.

The team behind the scenes at The Game Awards clearly wasn't pleased with how long the speech was going on. At around the 6:40 mark, music starts to play, seemingly in an attempt to get Judge to wrap his speech up. He doesn't, and the soundtrack only makes him cooler.

Those physically present at The Game Awards also noticed that the screen facing Judge was changed to say "please wrap it up". Naturally, The Game Awards needed the awards portion to end so we could get back to the ads.

Geoff Keighley clearly wasn't happy, making three jabs at Judge over the course of the show. Admittedly, he's probably over it now, considering he now has to contest with the fact that a random kid was able to get on stage alongside FromSoftware and possibly share an antisemitic conspiracy theory with the tens of thousands of viewers tuning in. What a night.

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