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February’s PlayStation Plus titles are out in the wild for all to enjoy. One of these titles is Concrete Genie, an action-adventure game suitable for all ages. Owners of the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 5 can download this title until March 2.

Ash and his mystical companions work together to bring the town of Denska back to life with magic paint. Along the way, he’ll have to confront bullies while battling his own insecurities as an artist. The story is endearing, but many will enjoy getting an easy platinum trophy. While many trophies are tied to the story, some are easily missed. Check out these notes to clean up those last few trophies in the game.

26 I’m Back

Because many of the miscellaneous trophies require the Landscape Pages, it’s recommended that players complete the story before attempting these tasks. The first trophy asks players to continue their save after finishing the story and paint on any surface. Doing so will unlock the ‘I’m Back!‘ trophy.

25 Chillaxing

For the Cillaxing trophy, Ash must give his genie a nice place to relax. Use the Iceberg landscape page to create a chilly seat. Call the genie over with L1. Wait for the genie to take a seat, and the trophy will unlock.

24 Freestyle

To unlock the Freestyle trophy, players will have to paint each of the game’s free levels. These areas unlock intermittently throughout the story. Head to the main menu after beating the game and select Free Mode. Jump into each of the free levels and pull out your designs. Painting a single design on the wall in each level is enough to unlock this trophy.

23 In The Zone

Once out of free mode, hop back to the main game’s map and begin painting on the walls. Stay in Paint Mode for 3 minutes to unlock the In The Zone trophy. The design doesn’t matter; remember to undo previous paintings if the wall is filled with paint and continue painting afterward.

22 Snow Season

Hop back to the main game’s map and begin painting on the walls. Stay in Paint Mode for 3 minutes to unlock the In The Zone trophy. The design doesn’t matter; remember to undo previous paintings if the wall is filled with paint and continue painting afterward.

21 Festival Time

Hop back to the main game’s map and begin painting on the walls. Stay in Paint Mode for 3 minutes to unlock the In The Zone trophy. The design doesn’t matter; remember to undo previous paintings if the wall is filled with paint and continue painting afterward.

20 Sugar Rush!

You’ll need a genie’s assistance to unlock the ‘Sugar Rush!‘ trophy. Call a few genies over and paint some Storm Vine Fruit or Mushroom Vine Fruit Strands around them. Eventually, one should grab a fruit from the strand and scurry off with it, giving this trophy. If the genies don’t grab the fruit, keep drawing vines to draw their attention.

19 My Happy Place

To snag the ‘My Happy Place‘ trophy, players will need the Campfire Landscape design and a genie to accompany ash. Paint a campfire on the wall and call a genie over. Sit down next to the campfire by pressing down on the D-Pad to share a moment with a genie.

18 Besties

To unlock the ‘Besties‘ trophy, Ash will have to wave to his genies more than three times. Call over the genies and wave at them by pressing up on the D-Pad. Repeat this until the trophy pops.

17 Frozen Treat

The ‘Frozen Treat‘ trophy will only unlock when Ash sees a Genie try to eat snow. Select the Snowflake design painting snow when a Genie is nearby until he looks up and attempts to eat it. It may take a few tries, so keep using the design until the Genie tilts his head, as shown above.

16 Carried Away

Carried Away‘ asks Ash to watch his Genie fly away after grabbing a balloon. Choose the Balloon design from the third tab (the golden sphere shown above) and place them to grab the Genie’s attention. Once they grab on, they’ll lift off and unlock this trophy.

15 Don’t Eat Me!

To grab ‘Don’t Eat Me,‘ Ash will have to scare his genies with the Venus Fly Trap. Please select it from the third tab and place it near a Genie. Wait for them to notice it; eventually, they’ll bounce back in terror. Congratulations, you get a trophy for traumatizing your traveling companion.

14 Feel The Thunder

For ‘Feel The Thunder, ‘ Ash must scare or entice a genie with the Lightning Strike design. Electric Genies enjoy lightning while the Wind and Fire Genies are afraid of it. Select this design from the second tab. Find a Genie to use the design on, paint until lightning roars to get a reaction from the creatures.

13 All Ears

All Ears‘ needs Ash to create a genie with ears attached. To do this, find a Genie creation point and select these pieces from the Genie Features page. The above design will unlock the trophy, though there are several types of ears to choose from.

12 Anyone There?

Anyone There?‘ is unlocked when a Genie tries to talk through a Storm Lily plant. Select this design (shown in the trophy image) from the second tab of the Landscape pages. Spawn a handful of these to grab a Genie’s attention. If they don’t talk into the plant, call them closer, and eventually, they’ll respond.

11 Is It Raining

Acquiring the ‘Is It Raining‘ trophy is simple, Ash must create an Umbrella plant for his Genie to hide under. Choose the plant (shown next to the yellow Genie) from the Landscape pages’ second tab. The Genie should flock to the creation whether it’s raining or not. If there’s trouble, call them over with L1.

10 Weeeeeeeeeee!

The ‘Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!‘ trophy sees Genies snag a Kite or Pinwheel plant, running off with it. Choose the Kite design (shown above) and create several of these plants near Genies; eventually, they’ll steal a plant and run away with it.

9 Lunatic

The ‘Lunatic‘ trophy is unlocked when Ash paints more than 10 Moons in a row. Select the moon from the second Landscape tab and paint this design until the trophy pops.

8 What Does It Mean?

What Does It Mean?‘ references the Double Rainbow meme, asking Ash to paint two Rainbows in rapid succession. Grab the Rainbow design from the second Landscape tab (shown above) and create two rainbows. The shape doesn’t matter here, just that there are two separate paintings.

7 Om Nom Nom Nom

To unlock the ‘Om Nom Nom Nom‘ trophy, players will have to convince two genies to play catch with an apple. First, Ash will need two Genies, so he has two friends in town before trying this task. After he has two Genies ready, feed apples them until they are full. Select this design from Landscape tab one. Until they’ve had enough, they’ll eat the apples. When they’re done, spawn an apple between them; the Genies will toss an apple between each other and pop this trophy.

6 Karaoke Night!

To Unlock ‘Karaoke Night!‘ keep an eye on Ash’s Genies. When the play icon appears over a Genie’s head (shown above), get close and follow the button prompt; in some cases, this will result in Genies singing. Seeing them sing will unlock the trophy.

5 Peekaboo!

To get the ‘Peekaboo!‘ trophy, head down to The Waterways and find the Denska Botanical Gardens Sign. Here, Ash will have to play Hide and Seek with one of his Genies. Animate the Electric Genie by the sign and wait for the play icon to appear over his head. Once it does, hide behind the pillar shown above until a button prompt is available—press square when the button is shown to surprise the Genie and earn this trophy.

4 Living Photo

To earn ‘Living Photo,’ press L3 and R3 simultaneously. This will open photo mode. Press Square to use the Replay feature in Photo Mode. This will unlock the trophy. Players won’t have to take a picture; they need to activate this mode.

3 Pyromaniac!

‘Pyromaniac’ is unlocked when Ash paints 10 Campfires in a row. Select the Campfire Landscape design from tab one. Use the design 10 times, and the trophy will pop.

2 Starchild

The ‘Starchild‘ trophy requires Ash to paint a total of 20 streams of Stars. Grab the Small Stars design from Landscape tab 1 and spam the paint button to unlock this trophy quickly.

1 Luna’s Secret

The most intricate endgame Trophy in Concrete Genie tasks Ash with discovering Luna’s Secret. Head back to the Lighthouse once the game’s end credits roll. Luna will be waiting for Ash to return. Once he does, she’ll have several designs he’ll need to match throughout the structure. Follow Luna around to Lighthouse, creating Genies and fulfilling her requests. Once Ash has completed all of these tasks, Luna will reveal a secret area below the tower. Players don’t need to explore this secret, only unlock it to get the trophy.

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