Console Commands Are Back In Mass Effect Legendary Edition Thanks To A Mod

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is ticking all the boxes in terms of remastering an all-time favourite franchise, as well as getting us nostalgic. There were a few things that the Legendary Edition missed out on, resulting in fans stepping in with mods. One such mod brings back the console commands.

Console commands enabled you to make major changes to the game, essentially acting like cheat codes. Entering the right code would result in a number of things, like increasing your class points, getting more credits, adjusting your Paragon/Renegade alignment, or even boosting vehicle speed.

The mod, created by Mgamerz (spotted by PC Gamer), enables these console commands in the Legendary Edition, giving you access to a plethora of changes you can make to your progress at any time. The installation process is a bit complicated, so make sure you follow all the steps mentioned on the mod page. The developer has also warned that you’ll need to download a compatible version of the mod again if the game updates.

This isn’t the first mod that has added in a coveted feature to the Legendary Edition, in fact the graphical enhancements you see in the remaster are actually based on fan-made mods. Bioware’s Mac Walters earlier confirmed that the devs studied some fan-made mods and set them as the minimum bar for graphical enhancement. There was also a bit of collaboration between the modders and the developers in order to reach the targeted graphical level.

Additionally, the Legendary Edition also lacked the option of a FOV slider. This was an issue for a number of players as low FOV can make people nauseous, and so not having the option to adjust can be a hurdle to get into a game. However, the issue was addressed almost immediately by a fan who modded the functionality into the game.

Another mod made changes to one of the game’s most popular features, the romance system. The “Same Sex Mod for Default Sheps” mod, basically enables gay romance options in the first Mass Effect game. The mod replaces the gender flag for Mass Effect and in turn allows you to have m/m and f/f romances.

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