Coral Island: Crafting Guide

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On Coral Island, there's a lot more to farming than seeds and foraging. Whether you love a placid fishing session at the lake or frolicking with butterflies in the woodlands, your adventures on this remote isle don't have to be restricted to the farm if your goal is to build skills quickly.

On your travels, you will no doubt pick up plenty of raw materials that can be turned into something useful through the crafting menu. Not everything is worth investing your hard-earned resources into, however, so here's a guide to crafting some vital tools in Coral Island.

Using The Crafting Menu

If you're running about the farm looking for a crafting bench or something similar, you may want to save your energy.

Your crafting menu can be found in your inventory screen by clicking the wrench icon along the toolbar running across the upper portion of your screen.

While it may be fairly sparsely populated when you first load up, you will earn blueprints as you progress through the game, complete missions, and earn skill points by selling items found while carrying out any of the eight skilled tasks in Coral Island.

Certain items, like fertiliser or the recycling machine, can only be unlocked after you are first gifted them or awarded them after a mission. Once you have the blueprint, however, you can simply open your crafting menu and click the icon of the item you wish to craft.

Click once to make one, twice to make two, and so on. Then, simply click an empty square in your backpack or tool belt to place it in your inventory.

Not everything can be crafted by yourself. Pay a visit to the Carpenter for larger structures, such as a chicken coop and a barn.

You can make anything from tasty snacks to larger pieces of machinery that allow you to synthesise raw materials.

Raw materials like metal ores can be turned into new materials to be used for larger blueprints, especially if a crafting recipe calls for copper, silver, or gold bars. Or, with the keg, you can turn items into artisan products to be sold via the shipping bin for a handsome profit.

Key Items To Craft In Coral Island

Some items you can craft are more useful than others. If you're not a fan of the building or decoration elements when it comes to farming sims, and would prefer to focus on creating stuff you can sell or use for other projects, here are seven items worth crafting.

Keg20 Wood

One Silver bar

One Bronze bar

10 Scrap


Fruit or vegetable juice (sold for $40 per bottle)

SprinklersOne Silver kelp

One Bronze kelp

10 Scrap

Waters crops in a five-by-five tile radius
Extractor10 Scrap

10 Kelp

40 Wood

Bronze or silver kelp essence (used to upgrade farmyard equipment at the Lab)
Kiln20 Bronze ore

25 Stone

Turns scrap and sand to glass, turns wood to charcoal
Furnace40 Stone

20 Bronze ore

Smelts metal ore into metal bars
Recycling MachineGiven to you after completing the Essential OfferingTurns trash into scrap

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