Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion – All Chocobo Mode Actions, Ranked

There are loads of quirky and wonderfully unique characters in the Final Fantasy universe, and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion does an excellent job of putting them front and center with the DMW system, giving Zack a chance to call upon them during hectic encounters.

The Chocobo Mode DMW is particularly the most interesting, as it showcases the horrifying – yet adorable – Tonberry, the overbearing Cait Sith, and much more, all of which offer Zack unique and potent buffs if he's fortunate enough to roll them on the wheel. While not as powerful as Summons, these characters can change the tide of battle in Zack's favor, making them a crucial pull.

7/7 Dud – Sorry, Zack

Despite being absolutely hilarious to watch unfold, Dud is by far the worst of the bunch, having a random item plummet from the sky and bonk the top of Zack's head, dealing damage to him and applying the Stun Status Effect to him, putting him in an unfortunate position. Depending on Dud's level, Zack can be Stunned for up to six seconds, almost guaranteeing his death.

Is it funny? You bet. It never fails to make you chuckle unless you're in a crucial boss encounter, and suddenly a teapot from hell takes you down, then you may be singing a different tune. Nonetheless, it's the worst Chocobo Mode action, no matter the comedic timing.

6/7 Chocobo Stomp – Chocobo

We gotta say, we expected more from the Chocobo Stomp, especially considering this entire DMW Mode is named after the Chocobo, but alas, it's rather weak. It doesn't come anywhere close to the others but runs laps around the violent objects, so that's a plus, we guess.

Chocobo Stomp has Zack and a Chocobo carry out a series of stomps that target all enemies on the field, ignoring their Vitality Stat in the process. While it seems incredibly powerful on the surface, the actual damage output is pretty poor, and you would much rather get anything else from your DMW spin. Unless it's the Dud… This is much, MUCH better than the Dud.

5/7 Murderous Thrust – Tonberry

Another enormous – and shocking – disappointment in the Chocobo Mode DMW is the Tonberry and its Murderous Thrust attack. Traditionally, Tonberries are absolute nightmares in the Final Fantasy universe and place the fear of Minerva into people, having you sweating bullets throughout the entire encounter if you don't have a Safety Bit equipped.

However, when the Tonberry is actually on your side for once, it barely does more damage than a Chocobo?! What is this?! Like the Chocobo Stomp, the Tonberry's Murderous Thrust ignores its target's Vitality, but it fails to follow up on that by, you know, instantly killing it like it would anything else.

4/7 Item Mugger – Magic Pot

Despite being locked to specific Missions, the Magic Pot and its Item Mugger ability make it one of the best pulls you can get from the Chocobo Mode DMW, as it allows Zack to haul in extremely rare Items that will significantly boost his Stats. Not only do you have to play a specific Mission to summon the Magic Pot, but you also have to perform specific attacks to appease it.

Sure, the Magic Pot may be a bit stubborn and may not deal any damage to your enemy or grant Zack a cascade of Buffs, but it can pull in one of the best pieces of Equipment in the game, and that's more than enough to make it place higher than the others thus far.

3/7 Courage Boost! – Cait Sith

Some love him, and some cannot stand him. Still, Cait Sith has undoubtedly one of the best Chocobo Mode DMW actions in the game with Courage Boost!, which Cures Zack of a handful of ailments (Poison, Silence, Stop, and Stun) and provides three random Buffs to him that can last the rest of the encounter depending on the level.

Can Cait Sith make you want to get hit in the head with a teapot from hell instead of receiving excellent buffs? No question about it. But, when it comes down to it, Courage Boost! is one of the best overall things you can pull from the DMW, even when factoring in everything else.

2/7 1,000 Needles – Cactuar

It's not often a Cactuar is considered to be more formidable than a Tonberry. And yet, here we are, where not only does the Cactuar deal more damage than a Tonberry but is also far scarier than it. If we had to choose between fighting our DMW Tonberry or DMW Cactuar, we would prefer to battle the Tonberry every day of the week.

1,000 Needles lands eighteen hits on one enemy, dealing a metric ton of damage depending on the level rolled, making it one of the highest damaging pulls you can get from the DMW wheel, even including Summons. Cactuar is so terrifying in this game.

1/7 Moogle Power – Moogle

Speaking of terrifying things in Crisis Core.. Look at this Moogle and its cold, dark eyes and tell me it's not horrifying to see it fully realized thanks to the enhanced visuals of Reunion. Now, the Moogle's Moogle Power action is fascinating, as it does no damage to your enemies but casts Regen on Zack and upgrades every piece of equipped Materia depending on its rolled level.

On the one hand, this is one of the weakest pulls you can get. But on the other hand, you can level your Materia up five times, allowing you to Master tons of Materia if you pair it with the Moogle Power Materia, which increases your odds of landing on this terrifying little bugger, making it the best you can snag from the Chocobo Mode DMW.

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