Crypto Bro’s Idea Of Gaming Heaven Is Everyone Else’s Hell

Odds are all of you reading this will have seen the meme format used to reminisce about a shared moment in time when things were just better. It's Saturday morning, you've got no school, a big bowl of cereal, and a full Halo Reach lobby, life is good. That sort of thing. Turns out that format doesn't really hit home when applied to the future, especially when you're trying to sell the idea of blockchain gaming.

A post from someone called Nicolas Vereecke has gone viral after it was shared on Twitter by indie game dev, Devon. The only downside to finding it here is you already know the crypto bro who wrote it is being deadly serious, whereas many who stumbled upon it online initially assumed it to be parody.

Alas, no. This dark prediction of what gaming might become by the year 2030 is supposed to appeal to us. Vereecke's perfect rainy Saturday begins with him mining 30 obsidian ore in Crypto Crush Saga. Yes, his vision for that unannounced gem does simply appear to be Candy Crush Saga with blockchain elements attached, showing they do know NFT games are just asset flips.

After that, Vereecke takes that ore to a different game to have it turned into a battle staff. That can then be used in another game and so on until you reach a point where you need to have jumped through a number of hoops in various games in order to be virtually shot into space.

Vereecke's vision for the future of gaming isn't one many others are looking forward to. The replies to Devon's post are plentiful, and we're yet to find a single one hoping this is what video games become by the end of the decade. "Shit reads like a Big Bang Theory script," one person has replied on Twitter. Another writes, "Play 4 games at once and you need to grind Game 1 to have currency for Game 2 and 3 and then you need to grind game 3 to power something in Game 4." That's about the long and short of it. Sound good?

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