Crysis Remastered Shows Off 8K Graphics In New Trailer

Right now, everyone is all about 4K. The vast majority of us still game in 1080p, but the next-gen consoles and graphics cards are all going to display natively in 4K. TVs, monitors, and even some mobile devices are looking to raise the graphical bar to a 4K standard. The future is 4K.

But actually, it’s also 8K. That’s two times 4K, and Crysis Remastered is getting in on the ground floor.

Sure, 4K isn’t expected to have widespread penetration until the next year or two, but that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare for the next generational leap by getting an 8K monitor. Crysis Remastered is already prepared for that eventuality by releasing a brand new tech trailer in 8K, even though 99% of people won’t be able to tell the difference because their monitors don’t scale up that high.

To be honest, you’re not really missing much. The new trailer rehashes the same tech demo stuff that was revealed earlier this month but adds a few explosions and combat scenes this time around. It makes it a better overall trailer, but it’s only 50% stuff we haven’t seen before.

And there’s the whole issue of 8K not really being a thing yet. Current analyst estimates put 8K penetration at between 3% and 4% by the year 2023. That’s just because 8K technology is ludicrously expensive, and internet connections fast enough to stream in 8K are basically nonexistent.

For the rest of us without 8K anything, Crysis will offer several graphics modes that are made for more terrestrial technologies. The Xbox One X version will have three modes that will leverage the current-gen console’s abilities, including one at 4K, one at 1080p, and one with ray tracing enabled.

PC players can enjoy the “Can It Run Crysis?” mode, which will basically dial every setting up to 11 to run your hardware harder than it’s ever been run before. The meme that erupted onto the scene when Crysis first arrived in 2007 has come full circle, it seems.

Crysis Remastered arrives this Friday on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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