Curse Of The Dead Gods: All Bosses, Ranked By Difficulty

Curse of the Dead Gods is an action-adventure roguelike in the vein of Hades that emphasizes difficult encounters and deadly traps that wait for you around every corner. This is why many people have called it a mélange between Hades and Dark Souls.

It offers tens of weapons distributed across multiple categories, ranging from small daggers all the way to bulky maces that can one-shot opponents. But what truly makes this game notable are the variety of enemies you will encounter and the unique bosses who can't wait to get their claws into you. So let's have a look at all the bosses this game has to offer.

10 Xak'olchir, Blood Hunter

This humanoid with purple skin wields two javelins while wearing a jaguar headdress, alongside a pair of boots and a simple loincloth. He has a wartorn body full of scars that look like they were made by a wild beast, which is appropriate for this boss.

His primary ability is summoning two Infernal Jaguars using a circle of corruption. Be wary of this circle since it will damage you while also increasing your corruption gauge. As a second attack, he will throw his spear at you. This is a relatively easy attack to dodge or parry since he telegraphs it. Overall this is one of the simpler bosses in the game, so he shouldn't give you too much of a headache.

9 The Wicked Twins

These two humanoid enemies are Litz and Nepac, both equipped with burning headdresses. As far as weapons go, Litz wields a flaming whip, while Nepac prefers dual-wielding swords.

You will start the fight against Litz, and when she gets to 75 percent health, Nepac will switch with her. The twins will repeat this after every 25 percent of their health that they lose. While this fight might seem difficult at first, after you get used to their attack patterns, you should be able to make quick work of them.

8 Dark Avatar Of The Serpent

This avatar has the body of a giant rotting man with a gigantic snake surrounding it. He wields a large hatchet in one of his hands while his other hand is completely missing, being replaced by the serpent's head.

He will summon three Serpent Cultists during the fight – with at least one of them being an elite. You should focus them down immediately. Otherwise, after a while, he will kill them himself and heal as a result. Be wary of that snake arm as well; if he lands his throw, it will pull you towards him.

7 K'ax Taca, High Lord Of The Storm

This mummified humanoid without legs is the first champion that you encounter in the Eagle Temple. If you're easily scared, be ready for some horrid bird screeches from this boss.

He can summon a maximum of three balls of lightning that will bounce around the room and randomly explode. K'ax Taca can also shoot sparks and a beam of lightning. The beam of lightning will stunlock you if it hits, so make sure that you dodge through it. Your best tactic for this fight is to use medium ranged weapons while staying away from his attacks.

6 Malok Paal, The Flesh Monstrosity

Malok Paal is a massive golem-like creature made of flesh and stone. He wears a broken stone mask with a decorative crown, even though he doesn't seem to actually have a head.

He has a wide array of melee attacks, most focused on charging you relentlessly while trying to land punches. His main weakness is how slow his attacks are, so patience is critical in this fight. Just wait for your opening to land two or three combos and then simply rinse and repeat.

5 Ratyapu, The Abomination

A horribly mutated humanoid creature, Ratyapu resembles a lean zombie with two large blades sprouting out of his forearms. He is the second champion that you will encounter in the Serpent Temple.

Most of his moves are melee-oriented, slashing and thrusting with his blades. After reaching 75 percent health, he will enter a state of rage that can only be broken by parrying one of his attacks. This is the first boss fight where you can't rely solely on dodging, so make sure that you practice your parries before taking on this boss.

4 Dark Avatar Of The Jaguar

The main boss of the Jaguar Temple, this anthropomorphized jaguar, has most of his torso replaced by flames, with golden armor around the rest of his body.

He has four different attacks, including claw strikes, leaps, fireballs, and a huge explosion. Be especially wary of the explosive attack since it can't be parried or dodged through. Your best bet is to simply stay outside its range. If you find yourself struggling with this boss, try using a ranged weapon – at least until you learn all of his attack patterns.

3 Xucat', The Witch

This hunched-over hag is the first boss you will encounter in the Serpent Temple. She has a sack full of human skulls on her back and wields an evil-looking staff.

She only has two attacks, one where she will surround you with five skull mines and a ranged attack where she fires a spread of skulls in various patterns. The safest strategy for this fight is to dodge one of the spread attacks and get some hits in. Keep in mind that the skull mines are destroyable, so you should never leave too many around the map if possible.

2 Dark Avatar Of The Eagle

The main boss of the Eagle Temple, this humanoid entity wears black robes while wielding a golden sword and shield. Her face is covered in a white eagle mask, while the lower part of her body is a blue-gray tornado.

While she has a total of eight potential moves, luckily, she will only use two of them at a time, randomly switching between various combinations. The main trick that you can use against this boss is using only ranged weapons since that will force her to only use certain moves, lowering the number of attacks you have to learn.

1 Clovis Pardieux, The Champion Of Death

Clovis is a robed humanoid who wears the Death God mask with six rods that float around his back. He rips off his robe once you get him to his second phase, revealing a skeletal body with skulls on his shoulders and hips.

Given that he is the game's final boss, Clovis has some of the most potent attacks in the game. Alongside these attacks, he will summon a swathe of lower-tier enemies when he reaches 66 percent health. At 33 percent health, he will summon a few Elites alongside some of the more advanced enemies that the game has to offer. During these phases, he will disappear from the battlefield until you kill all the summoned enemies.

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