Custom PS5 Gives You A Peek Inside The Console

Iconic design is supposed to be visually striking, and by most accounts the PS5 definitely succeeds at that because it looks like an evolution of the past two PlayStation consoles. However, just because Sony created a futuristic piece of hardware that doesn’t mean modders won’t take the PS5 into PC gaming levels of customization.

While PC gamers have countless ways to add RGB lighting to their unique computer layouts, console players have long had to settle with far less extreme modifications, but that doesn’t mean a crafty mind can put a new spin on Sony’s design that still manages to keep, and arguably enhances the Ps5’s imposing presence.

Leave it to customization workshop Studio FR to turn the vanilla PS5 into a modified RGB beauty with a new paint job and see-through plexiglass side panel so those fortunate enough to get their hands on a Ps5 can flaunt their proud acquisition with even more style. Studio FR’s full customization process PS5 involves cutting a couple of large holes on both the console’s inner black casing and white panels, so it’s definitely not an amateur job, but it’s all worth it in order to stick an RGB light strip inside and get a glimpse at the PS5’s guts.

To cap it all off, the custom PS5 adds the PlayStation name and Sony’s signature 4-button logo monogrammed on the top right corner of a gorgeous product that no one will want to lay on its side to prevent it from being displayed. Studio FR is currently pricing its modded console at $850, although it does come with a matching DualSense controller that looks just as good.

Unfortunately, for those considering splurging the extra money as an easier way to buy a PS5, Studio FR’s site currently lists the product as out of stock, even if orders can be requested directly by email with up an estimated 15 days required to allow the modders to their work before shipping to the customer. While an extra $350 might seem like a lot, the price is not too far off from what scalpers would demand for a new console, so getting a tricked-out PS5 is not the worst deal ever considering the amount of work it takes and the fact that Sony continues to struggle with stock replenishment.

Of course, this is just the first of what will probably be many takes and designs to customize Sony’s pride and joy, as someone already managed to make a PS5 from nothing but pure solid brass. On the other hand, no amount of brass can compete with good old RGB.

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