Customize Your PS5 Controllers With These $10 Faceplates

Customization is the name of the game for most people. From keyboards and mice to facemasks, the ability to change the color of your gaming equipment is quickly becoming standard fare for most manufacturers. While the console itself is the biggest target for customization, the DualSense controllers are also ripe for some splashes of color. Unless something happens, you can now buy custom faceplates for your PS5 controller for just $10.

Sony has been notoriously insistent on everyone having a white PS5, shutting down at least one attempt to sell custom faceplates for the console. Still, there are other companies that are willing to take the risk and are promising to create custom faceplates for the PS5, with one Canadian company going as far as daring Sony to sue it.

So far, the discussion about PS5 customization has revolved around the console itself, but the DualSense controllers can be customized as well. That’s where Decor Evolve comes in. The company is selling ten different colored faceplates for the DualSense: gold, rose gold, silver, light blue, steel grey, orange, midnight blue, purple, blue, and red.

Decor Evolve has a physical address in Boston, MA but appears to ship worldwide, as a Taiwanese customer left a review that included the picture seen above. Apparently, the faceplate fits well and arrived quickly.

In a blog post, Sony claims that there will eventually be official colors for the DualSense, but didn’t say when. All evidence points to the idea that the PS5 will be customizable, with video of the teardown of the console showing just how easy it is to pull off the white faceplate. However, Sony doesn’t seem to think that this kind of customization is a priority, as there is no indication that official custom colors will be available any time soon.

Sony is allegedly attempting to ship as many as 3 million PS5s a month in 2021 to make up for lost ground during 2020. If that is the case, it’s likely that the manufacturing of custom faceplates will be on the back burner until there is a sufficient back stock of PS5s—whatever that may be.

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