Cyberpunk 2077 Could Win A GOTY Award In Time For Its GOTY Edition

After a launch that was so disastrous that I don't have to go over it here, Cyberpunk 2077 failed to secure any major Game of the Year prizes. It was nominated for Best RPG at The Game Awards, but lost to Tales of Arise. It couldn't even scoop Best Score, which went to Nier Replicant instead. So when it was revealed that Cyberpunk 2077 is getting a Game of the Year edition, many were confused, to say the least.

But now, CD Projekt Red finally has the chance to make good on this – kinda. Following an amazing comeback in 2022, Cyberpunk has been nominated for the Labor of Love prize at the Steam awards, celebrating its continued support since launch. Winning that would somewhat justify calling the re-release a "Game of the Year" edition, as it has stiff competition against the likes of No Man's Sky and Dota 2.

This isn't a bad nomination for Cyberpunk, considering it didn't even manage to scoop a nod in the Best Ongoing Game category at The Game Awards this year. Its anime spin-off, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, did get some love in the Best Adaptation category, but lost out to Arcane.

The Steam Awards appear to be one of the final major Game of the Year opportunities of 2022, so if Cyberpunk missed out on this, it's not likely to go into the new year with any new accolades. Of course, it's possible the "Game of the Year" edition wording was just used to convey the meaning of the release in the business call in which it was revealed, and it will actually have a different title upon release.

Cyberpunk 2077's (maybe) Game of the Year edition is set to release sometime in 2023, alongside a new expansion, Phantom Liberty.

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