Cyberpunk 2077 Fan Demonstrates Perfect Grinding Route In Pacifica

Leveling up your skills in Cyberpunk 2077 can be a tedious process, but one creative player found an impressive location to quickly improve your abilities. Head over to Pacifica, grab your favorite weapon, follow this simple loop, and prepare for a massive influx of XP.

Skills in Cyberpunk 2077 follow the old Skyrim formula – the more you perform a certain action, the better you’ll get at it. That means the key to becoming a terror in Night City is through repetition and constant training. Unfortunately, tracking down enemies to fight can sometimes be a headache, as they tend to be sparsely scattered around most of the city.

One player, however, has recently discovered a section of Pacifica that’s not only loaded with baddies, but they respawn quickly, too. Just make sure to follow their route exactly as it’s laid out, otherwise you might not move far enough from the dead enemies for them to be resurrected. Check out the video below for the specific location in Pacifica:

Over the course of two minutes, the player was able to take down well over 20 enemies – and they can repeat this loop endlessly. The enemies all seemed to go down pretty easily, too, so they should make for easy cannon fodder if you’re looking to do a bit of easy leveling.

Other players point out another location near Valentino Alley that’s home to even more enemies and might be a better grinding location, although they’re a much higher level than those in Pacifica. If you’re looking for an easy grind, it’ll be hard to beat the spot above.

The skill system in Cyberpunk 2077 is surprisingly deep, allowing for a wide range of gameplay styles. Whether you want to become a cybernetic ninja or a shotgun toting maniac, the game gives you all the tools to craft V however you see fit. CD Projekt Red is hoping to have most of the bugs ironed out by the end of the year, so hopefully the world of Night City only becomes more engaging as we march through 2021.

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