Cyberpunk 2077 Mod Lets You Customise Cats For Your Apartment

Cyberpunk 2077 has arguably become a pretty great game in 2022. Two years after it launched, but still 55 years before the future in which it is set. The trouble is, despite all of the new content, there's still not enough cat action for our liking. That's why these new cat-based mods for Night City are the best Christmas gifts we've received this holiday season.

V can have one cat, called Nibbles, chilling in her apartment, no mods needed. However, as you grow your Cyberpunk empire, not only can you not add other cats to V's other properties, but you can't even take Nibbles to your new properties with you. While that currently can't be changed, a collection of new mods lets you add a cat to other places you might find yourself.

There are four mods, all of which are available through Nexus Mods (thanks, PCGamesN), each of which adds a cat to a different location. The Glen, Corpo Plaza, Motel, and Japantown. All four of the additional cats look exactly like Nibbles, but if that isn't what you want from your extra Cyberpunk cats, there's another mod you can apply to mix things up.

Also available through Nexus Mods, the customs cats mod can be applied to any or all four of the additional cat ones and give them a different look. There are a number of options, all of which add a significant amount of fur to your new felines. You can choose from white, black, tuxedo, grey, and orange, the last of which makes your new pet look a little bit like the cat from Stray.

Your new cats will have specific places in their previously unfamiliar surroundings where they will rest and clean, and basically make your additional properties feel less like houses and more like homes. While never the focus, cats have been ever present in Cyberpunk thanks to Nibbles. There was even an official photo contest where players could submit their best photos of V's four-legged companion.

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