Cyberpunk 2077: The 10 Best Skills To Get In Athletics

The Body Attribute in Cyberpunk 2077 is the one to spec into for those who like a “tank-ier” build. Just like the Technical Ability Tree is for those obsessed with hoarding & crafting. But, the Athletics Perk Tree, in particular, is where most of these tanky options can be found.

But, this tree is more than just a way to add more health, and we’re here to prove that. Here are the ten best Perks in the Athletics Tree for players to invest their points into.

10 Pack Mule

  • Pack Mule: Increases your carrying capacity from 200 to 260

The first pick’s a no brainer, since carrying capacity fills up pretty quickly in Cyberpunk, and this is a huge increase for a measly one Perk point. With this, players don’t really have to worry about Carrying capacity for quite a while, and those who like to hoard everything can get pretty insane with how high they can get that number to go.

9 True Grit

  • True Grit: Increases max stamina by 10% (30% at max LVL 3)

The Stamina system is built into everything V does in Cyberpunk, such as running, dodging, swinging, and blocking. It’s a lot more crucial for melee builds (jank in this game as they may be), but managing Stamina still matters for standard builds as well. Whether it’s being able to run for longer, dodging one or two extra times, or even just for those Beat on the Brat fistfight sidequests, this Perk is well worth it.

8 Invincible

  • Invincible: Increases max health by 10% (30% at max LVL 3)

Another no brainer, though this is probably the most uninteresting Perk in the whole tree. It’s the HP-buff, increasing V’s health by a whopping 30% at max rank, which is pretty hefty. There’s no reason not to max this Perk as early as possible, because enemies can really melt V’s health bar, especially early on.

7 Multitasker & Divide Attention

  • Multitasker: Allows you to reload while sprinting, sliding, and vaulting
  • Divide Attention: Allows you to shoot while sprinting, sliding, and vaulting

These two were grouped up simply because they’re almost the exact same Perk, save for one word. Both of them allow the player to complete actions while sprinting, sliding, or vaulting, one is just centered on shooting while the other is centered on reloading. It doesn’t make a huge difference, but the ability to reload while running away or climbing, in particular, really saves a lot of time hiding behind walls.

6 Marathoner

  • Marathoner: Sprinting does not drain stamina

This is the Perk to grab for the sake of convenience, as it doesn’t exactly make much difference in combat. But, outside of the many firefights in Cyberpunk, Marathoner is a godsend. It’s also a fantastic perk to grab for Melee builds, as players don’t have to worry about losing half their stamina in the run-up to an enemy before they even start swinging.

5 Indestructible

  • Indestructible: Reduces all incoming damage by 10%

Another buff that seems small, but considering it applies to every type of incoming damage, it’s actually a lot more beneficial than it appears at first. Plus, it only requires one Perk Point, though players do have to get their Body Attribute to 20 to unlock it. It’s not the Perk people should be centering the Attribute Points on unlocking, but it is one worth a point if players happen to be building for Body anyway.

4 The Rock

  • The Rock: Enemies cannot knock you down

Can you smell what this Perk is cooking? With that obvious joke out of the way, this is one that’s a bit misleading, as many people thought that it meant V couldn’t get knocked down at all anymore, such as when they get hit by a car or jump from a bit too high up.

But, that’s sadly not true, as this Perk only applies to situations where enemies would knock V down. It doesn’t happen often, but it still happens enough to warrant getting this Perk.

3 Steel Shell

  • Steel Shell: Increases armor by 10%

Steel Shell is the worse version of Indestructible, which checks out considering it unlocks at 18 points in Body rather than 20, but it’s still pretty good. And when players manage to get their Armor into the thousands, the increase from Steel Shell gets even higher. Yet another boring passive buff, but still one that makes sense to get.

2 Like A Butterfly

  • Like A Butterfly: Dodging does not drain stamina

Huge for melee builds, but also pretty helpful for everyone else. Paired with Marathoner, it makes players almost forget about the Stamina system entirely, and it also allows them to abuse Cyberware that triggers with dodging, such as any variant of the Kerenzikov.

1 Cardio Cure

  • Cardio Cure: Health regenerates faster when moving

And lastly, let’s end on another one of the tanky Perks, Cardio Cure. This Perk is insane when stacked with all the other Health Regeneration perks, but it’s also just useful on its own. It allows V to regenerate their health innately after combat, regen in combat, and even regen when running towards enemies. It’s not like MaxDoc’s or Bounce Backs are hard to find in Night City, but might as well save them when possible, right?

What About All The Other Athletics Perks?

For those wondering why their favorite Perk in the Athletics tree wasn’t picked, here’s why:

Regeneration: Health Slowly Regenerates During Combat

Battles aren’t usually drawn out and the regen is pretty slow

Epimorphosis: Health Regenerates Up To 70% (90% At Max LVL 3) Of Max Health Outside Of Combat

Purely for saving healing items and/or convenience, not much practical application

Soft On Your Feet: Reduces Fall Damage By 5% (20% At Max LVL 3)

Damage reduction is much too low to warrant wasting Skill Points, if fall damage is such a common annoyance in a playthrough, use Berserk or Double Jump to avoid it instead.

Gladiator: Reduces Damage Taken While Blocking By 20% (40% At Max LVL 2)

Purely for Melee builds. A good skill, but not very versatile.

Steel And Chrome: Increases Melee Damage By 10% (20% At Max LVL 2)

Also just for melee builds.

Stronger Together: Increases Damage You Deal While Carrying A Body

There’s such an odd emphasis on fighting while carrying bodies in the Athletics Tree, and it just isn’t a feasible playstyle with how Cyberpunk’s systems currently work.

Although, the damage increase is pretty insane, so if a player is using a pistol and wants to try this out, it might just work for a niche build.

Transporter: Allows You To Shoot And Sprint While Carrying A Body

Has the same reasoning as “Stronger Together”, just not really worth it.

Human Shield: Increases Armor By 20% When Grappling An Enemy

Similar to “Stronger Together” and “Transporter”, not all too worth it. Plus, armor buff only applies while grappling, not while carrying a body.

Dog Of War: Increases Health Regen In Combat By 15% (20% At Max LVL 2)

Can be useful when combined with all the other health regen Perks, but not very good on its own.

Wolverine: Health Regen Activates 50% (90% At Max LVL 2) Faster During Combat

Basically for the same reasons as “Dog of War”.

Hard Motherf*cker: When Entering Combat, Armor And Resistances Increases By 10% For 10 Sec. +1% Per Perk Level

The base percentage is way too low (10%) for the investment it takes to unlock this Perk, investing enough Perk Points to make it worthwhile is also a bit of a fruitless effort. Plus, with how ironclad the Attribute allocation is, finding out early that this perk isn’t worth it is something people absolutely need to know.

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