Database Leak Reveals Demon’s Souls Might Be Heading To PS4

After putting up strong numbers on PS5 in the months following launch, Sony might have plans to bring Demon’s Souls to PS4. According to the latest PlayStation database leak, a PS4 entry for Demon’s Souls is now listed – although it’s unclear what exactly this means for the future of the title.

The report comes from PlayStation Game Size, a prominent file size leaker in the gaming community. Despite bringing the discovery into the public eye, the account is quick to point out this doesn’t mean Demon’s Souls is guaranteed to be heading to PS4. Instead, it’s very possible this is simply a “small test version for developers” and “can be canceled” if needed.

On the other hand, it’s possible a Demon’s Souls PS4 launch is right around the corner – when it comes to these database entries, it’s hard to tell what Sony’s planning.

There’s good reason to have high hopes for a port, as plenty of other PS5 launch titles have made their way to the aging PS4. Very few titles on PS5 are exclusive, and since Demon’s Souls is a remake of the original title from 2009, PS4 should be more than capable of running a toned-down version of the PS5 upgrade.

Until we get official word from Sony, I’ll remain cautiously optimistic. The company passed up E3 again this year, so let’s hold out hope that a State of Play is right around the corner with some more big announcements – including Demon’s Souls on PS4.

As for Bluepoint Games – the studio behind the PS5 remake – it says it wants to “push the bounds” of what it can do with its next game. Rumor has it the team is working on a massive Metal Gear remake, and it likely isn’t involved in the Demon’s Souls PS4-porting process. It’s possible FromSoftware will step back up to the plate to get its creation on yet another console, as Demon’s Souls is the original title that put its name on the map.

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