Days Gone Developer Had Open-World Resistance Game Rejected

Days Gone 2 isn't happening. That's according to game director Jeff Ross who recently told For The Win that their plans for a sequel had been quashed. It would have been more of the same but with a deeper narrative that explores Deacon and Sarah's restored relationship, as well as swimming. But despite selling 8 million copies, Days Gone will remain a one-off.

In the same interview, Ross also said that Bend Studios pitched an open-world Resistance sequel that would have players take down an alien mothership. But that too was shot down by Sony.

"The idea for that was just take things from the Resistance universe and have the mothership over the world,” Ross said. “That would be kind of cool, right? We can destroy that mothership and bring a Red Dawn approach to it like we’re just a bunch of rebels, a bunch of kids. We’re young guys and we’re going to somehow save the world.”

The arc of the game would have involved improving the player's skills, building an alliance of factions, and figuring out how to reach the mothership in the first place. Ross also mentioned taking down the alien infrastructure that was terraforming the planet and threatening all life on Earth.

For those who didn't play the PS3-era games, Resistance was a franchise that first started back in 2006. Developed by Insomniac Games (better known for Ratchet and Clank and Spider-Man), Resistance was a first-person shooter that put in the role of Nathan Hale, a soldier fighting against an alien invasion of the UK. Infected by the Chimera virus that was turning humans into alien monsters, Hale's natural resistance offered him superhuman powers even as the virus slowly turned him into a mindless killing machine.

Resistance was well-reviewed and sold well as one of the PS3’s launch titles. Two sequels also received glowing reviews and even spawned two portal spinoffs; Resistance: Retribution was Bend Studios’ contribution to the franchise for the PSP.

Ross admitted on Twitter that it wasn't his idea for a Resistance sequel, "I just championed it and ran with it." It sounds like Ross is still trying to leverage the open-world idea even if it’s not going to be used in Resistance 4.

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