Days Gone: How To Clear An Infestation

Freaks roam across Oregon in Days Gone, presenting a danger that will never completely disappear. However, Deacon is able to make the post-apocalypse a safer place by clearing out Infestation Nests.

Infestations are hives of Freaker activity, which makes them exceptionally dangerous. Fortunately, there are a few tips that will ensure your success (and your survival) every time. Here’s everything you need to know to clear an infestation in Days Gone.

Burn Them Out

To clear a nest, you need to set them on fire using the various weapons at Deacon’s disposal.

The easiest way, at least at the start of the game, is to find or craft some Molotov cocktails, then throw them at a nest. This will burn the nest, but any freaks hibernating inside will be forced out into the surrounding area.

However, Deacon can also unlock Incendiary Bolts later in the game. These are extremely useful, as you can destroy nests from further away, distancing you from any Swarmers inside.

Attack Nests At Night

You can attack Swarmer nests during the day or night, and both have their risks. Traveling around is less dangerous during the day, but the Swarmers will all be hibernating in their nest.

Zombie-infested Oregon is generally more dangerous at night, but infestation nests are actually safer when it’s dark. This is because the Swarmers that would usually be hibernating inside will be out hunting in the surrounding area.

Although they might still be close, you can sneak past them or stealth kill them to reduce the danger before burning the nest. Use this to your advantage and attack at night. Swarmers will still spill out looking for blood, but there will be less to deal with.

Be Prepared To Fight

When you set a nest on fire, any Swarmers inside will be forced out. Whether it’s day or night, there will still be plenty of freaks that start hunting, which presents a significant danger for Deacon.

If you aren’t in stealth when you set the nest alight, the freaks will sense you and start chasing you as soon as they leave their nest. However, if you are in stealth, they will spread out very quickly to search for their attacker.

Either way, it is a dangerous situation and often leads to an intense fight. Be prepared by bringing traps to place around the nest, as well as plenty of ammo to defend yourself. With your trusty weapons at the ready, you can stay in control of the chaos.

With the above tips, you should be ready to go out and burn some nests. Once they are destroyed, don’t forget to collect the nest residue. This is a valuable crafting resource that is used in many recipes.


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