Days Gone Mod Makes The Freaker Hordes Even Bigger

If you ever wanted to fight a real horde in Days Gone, here’s your chance as one modder has greatly increased the zombie population in the game on PC.

Days Gone is largely known for the hordes it has wandering around in the open-world of post-apocalyptic Oregon. However, while such hordes can pose a significant threat to the players until the mid-game, they can be quite easy to clear later on. Modder Aigmir decided to take care of that matter, providing fans with a new adjustable Massive Hordes mod for the PC version of the game.

As Aigmir noted, he didn’t simply raise the horde numbers, but followed the developers’ approach and took into account the size of each region. As an example, the number of zombies in the first locations is smaller, because the area is smaller. As a result, he increased the zombie’s numbers to 260-600 bodies, compared to the 50 to 500 freaks in a horde in the “vanilla” game. Of course, you can adjust the hordes’ sizes for yourself (to the limit of 750), to make them much more fearsome.

You can find this new mod on the Nexus website with an installation description and several variations. In order for Massive Hordes mod to work properly, it is recommended to start a new game. There are also some impressive screenshots and videos for you to check out as well, showing off how effective the mod is.

The creator also plans to increase the number of wolves in the packs, as well as to add more human enemies to the marauder ambush camps. With all those changes, the world of Days Gone could become one of the most challenging in the genre, or at the very least those horde missions could become a lot harder.

Bend Studio is currently working on a “very exciting new IP that they’re very, very passionate about,”. According to Hermen Hulst, the team is “building on the deep open-world systems that they developed with Days Gone,”.

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