Dead Cells’ Return To Castlevania DLC Is Its Biggest Expansion Yet

If you haven’t heard, Dead Cells is bringing the heroes of Castlevania into the game for an upcoming DLC. That’s right, Alucard and Richter Belmont are once again taking on the forces of Dracula, this time accompanied by the Beheaded. While an official release date beyond early 2023 is not yet known, we are getting some new information about what this DLC will look like, and it is going to be huge.

In a recent interview between Evil Empire and Game Informer (thanks NintendoLife), the development studio went in-depth on what the Return to Castlevania expansion is going to look like. More specifically, Evil Empire’s Benjamin Laulan elaborated on how this DLC is the studio’s most ambitious to date, claiming it is “twice as big” as all previously released expansions. “It’s our biggest DLC yet. That’s something we always say, but it really is. It’s basically twice as big as [the DLC] we previously released”, he said.

Laulan went on to share what players can expect from the expansion, including who is going to pop up from the Castlevania series and their role in this new DLC. While Richter Belmont and Alucard are a given, players will also run into “Dracula, Maria Renard, and many others that will guide you through this new storyline”.

The co-founder of Evil Empire also discussed the new content players will get to grips with. He also teased some interesting showdowns: “we have three new bosses, one of them being an incredible showdown that we won’t talk [about] yet, but that is super exciting and something never seen before in the game”. There will also be “two new biomes based on classic Castlevania levels” and a whole new soundtrack. It all tantalisingly sounds like a new Castlevania game in Dead Cells.

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