Dead Cells Will Never Stop, Kicks Off 2021 With Yet Another Expansion

Dead Cells will never stop. Motion Twin has been relentless in keeping their roguelike Metroidvania fresh and exciting to its many millions of fans, with free updates like Barrels O’ Fun and the recent holiday-themed update, along with paid DLC such as The Bad Seed from last year.

And now Motion Twin is kicking off 2021 with a bang. Fatal Falls, Dead Cells’ second paid DLC, arrives on January 26.

We got a preview of what to expect in Fatal Falls last month when the DLC was announced along with Dead Cells hitting the 3.5 million units sold milestone. Today we’ve got new details to share about the new boss and the two new biomes that provide alternate paths to existing areas.

First up is Fracture Shrines, a biome full of floating islands, pagan snake people, and giant statues with even larger axes. And traps, lots and lots of traps. Second is The Undying Shores, which takes place on a cliffside during a thunderstorm. This dramatic backdrop is filled with mutants, monsters, and undead healers. There are also some caves you can duck into if you want to get out of the rain, but there are monsters with balls and chains that’ll trap you in an experiment if you’re not careful.

As for the new boss fight, that takes place in The Mausoleum, which is “the home of a gardener who adores flowers and mushrooms.” This seems like a call back to The Bad Seed as well as a new and interesting challenge for veterans.

You can wishlist Fatal Falls now on Steam and get it for $4.99 when it releases on January 26. Motion Twin will also put a new “Complete The Set” bundle on sale, which will include both The Bad Seed and Fatal Falls for 15% off.

If you haven’t gotten back into Dead Cells in a while, the most recent free update added Christmas outfits and the long-awaited Katana. Sure it may be January, but that’s no reason to lose the Christmas spirit!

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