Dead Space: Chapter Five Walkthrough

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"Lethal Devotion" deviates from its corresponding portion of the original game in some pretty big ways in the new Dead Space remake. For that reason, we suspect that not only will players who have been following along with our Dead Space walkthrough thus far continue to do so here, but some newcomers will pop up as well, befuddled by the narrative shifts – and wondering if the gameplay shifts in turn.

Whether this is your fifth chapter with us or your first, welcome to the next leg of Isaac Clarke's perilous journey aboard the USG Ishimura. Let's get to work.

Strange Broadcast

After some curious story beats, "Lethal Devotion" begins as several other chapters do, with players tapping into Dead Space's fast travel system to get their bearings. Hop aboard the elevator that gets you to Main Atrium, then return to Bridge Tram Station. As the plot makes clear, we're headed back to Medical now.

Purchase the Level 3 RIG Suit if you can. And, if for whatever reason you cannot, consult our schematics guide to figure out where you missed it!

Our goal is Security Station. We know the broad layout of this wing of the Ishimura by now, but there's new stuff peppered in with the old. Make your way to Imaging Diagnostics Wing via the elevator after that… charming bit of discourse with a neighborhood friendly doctor. Afterward, we're introduced to a new kind of Necromorph.

The creature manifests several thick tentacles like branches prohibiting Isaac from going forward. Its attacks are relatively weak, so just don't stand in one place nearby. To destroy the tentacles, locate the yellowish-orange sacs on each one, and blow them to smithereens. Follow the 'natural' stretch of the tentacles as you might imagine them behind the walls to locate and destroy all three.

Hang a left from Zero-G Therapy to Cryogenics. Go down a level to the Chemical Lab and interact with the console chirping out Nicole's alleged message. Just a trick, after all. Once the Stasis wears off, we're up against a Hunter. The Hunter cannot be slain traditionally. Don't walk – run.

Lifting The Lockdown

There's no going up against the Hunter. There's only fleeing. That said, you need to slow it down with your own blasts of Stasis. If that isn't an option, blast its limbs out. Don't linger afterward; use the time to get away. You may need to blast them more than once before things are over. Same with Stasis.

It'll take around 20-30 seconds before Daniels contacts Isaac and gets that door open for him. Needless to say, bolt through as soon as she does. With that panic in the rearview, retrace steps to the Security Station and then head to Ishimura Clinic. Make your way to the Emergency Room, but be advised, you're in for a bigger-than-usual fight once you're there, including reunion with the Hunter.

You've got to grab the Power Cell via Kinesis amidst all this flurry so that you can get to ER Hall A. From there, high tail it to ICU, but not before handling the Guardian nearby. Once you're safely in ICU, get Isaac to the elevator to the morgue, and then to Mercer's office, to lift the lockdown.

End The Spread

With that patient's dying words, our team now realizes the air is poison – because, you know, of course it is. Rush to Security Station now that the gas is all over the place; with a timer on our O2 tank, we've got to be swift. Out of Intensive Care Unit we go, and then we'll hang a left.

Don't try to fight the Pregnant Necromorph (two horrifying words when used together, to be sure) by blowing a hole in its stomach. That'll just send swarms of little ones out at Isaac. Which isn't pretty.

Take care to refill your oxygen here, then move forward into another room. We recommend you circumvent our Hunter nemesis here and just keep at it until you get to the Security Station. We can end the immediate threat here, normalizing O2 in the Medical wing, thank goodness.

Now we backtrack. Return to the Imaging Diagnostic Wing, specifically Cryogenics. As soon as you make Isaac grab the Liquid Nitrogen Tank, Mercer pops up. From a plot perspective, that means we get to hear his lunatic sermons again. From a gameplay perspective, and hence a walkthrough perspective, that means – yes – his Hunter is back.

Hunted Becomes Hunter

It's time we pay our dear Hunter in kind. This boss battle pins Isaac up against not just the Hunter, but numerous Lurkers as well. We implore you, deal with the Lurkers before focusing on the big guy.

The existence of the Stasis recharging station here means we're finally on somewhat even terms with the Hunter, actually. No matter how often you need to use Isaac's nifty time-slowing ability, there'll be more ammunition. Blow its legs off, lure it inside the cryo chamber where you acquired the Liquid Nitrogen Tank, hit it with Stasis, rush to where Mercer had previously been villain-speeching at Isaac before the fight, and interact with the console to trigger cryo freeze.

Eat it, Hunter. Chapter Five's complete.

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