Dead Space: Chapter Six Walkthrough

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  • Creating An Enzyme
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  • Man Versus Leviathan

Let's recap, shall we? Isaac's now blasted asteroids, survived a dead captain, encountered a mad scientist, and endured more gauntlet-like corridors than any Final Fantasy 13 character. With 12 chapters in full, Dead Space (2023) is halfway in the rearview mirror with the completion of this sixth chapter, 'Environmental Hazard'.

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As befits a halfway mark, we're in for a big and tough time. Multiple objectives, intriguing revelations, and enough jump-scares to keep any mechanic up at night? Sounds like it's time to revisit our favorite spot of the ship – the trams, of course – and fire up this next hot mission.

Creating An Enzyme

When Daniels pages our hero, the side mission 'Premeditated Malpractice' triggers. We'll have a guide up for that mission in the coming days, linking you there from here as soon as it happens.

Head to the Bridge Tram Station as advised. Take it to Hangar: Cargo Tram Station, exiting out into Tram Station Hall. Continue en route to Hydroponics. Now our mission to create an enzyme begins in earnest. You'll quickly be hearing from one Doctor Elizabeth Cross' hologram as you reach the latest rest area, sporting a save station, shop, all the usual horror-game accouterments.

Interact with the main console here and choose to synthesize an enzyme. That takes care of the simpler side of Chapter Six.

Crossing Paths

Isaac and Elizabeth Cross formally meet, and a plan is hatched to inject the enzyme into the Leviathan. Doing so means Isaac has to inject eight 'wheezers' (Cross' former teammates, oof) with the enzyme in order to direct the flow into the creature's heart.

Given the veritable octopath of places to go in order to fulfill this objective, we're going to take things a bit differently in our coverage of this section. The following table should set you straight on where to find each of Cross' doomed friends. Consult your indicator and the ship's map for each location.




West Grow Chamber: West Seedling Room B


West Grow Chamber, Third Floor: Dr. Cross' Room


West Refrigeration Tower: Past the Guardian


West Grow Chamber: Channel circuit breaker to unlock Hydroponics Control


East Grow Chamber: Eradicate the tentacles on the lift, then take it down to East Seedling Room A


East Grow Chamber: East Seedling Room B; insert the Power Cell near a breaker into its socket; acquire keycard; activate the breaker; enable gravity; fly to the above floor for this hidden fellow


East Grow Chamber: Air Filtration Tower; use Stasis on the generator blocking your way; Filtration Tube Annex; Annex Storage

East Grow Chamber: East Seedling Room B; from the Annex Storage above, continue along the path

Man Versus Leviathan

The Leviathan's metabolism is slowing, but will it be enough? Head to Food Storage by veering back to Hydroponics Central Hub. Be sure to save your game when you reach the save station – we've got a big boss fight coming up! Initiate airlock control, and Isaac aptly initiates his bad idea. We, as players, effectively foot the bill for it.

Take advantage of the explosive cans and blast the sickly yellowish sacs on each tentacle. Evade those clusters it fires at you; they hit hard. Kinesis is your best friend – you can shoot them straight back. Once the Leviathan starts attacking with both its moves simultaneously, it's close to done. The problem is, your oxygen tank may be close to done, as well. Unload every bit of ammo you've got, and the animation should trigger right in the nick of time for the creature to get sent into space at long last.

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