Dead Space: Everything That Unlocks In New Game Plus

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Some games begin and end with that first playthrough. But as the years pass, the gaming industry is increasingly keen on rewarding folks with unlocks and content carry-overs via the New Game Plus System, a variant on subsequent playthroughs with perks to inspire a second run. The Dead Space remake joins this legion of beat-it-again gems.

But who would put poor Isaac through the ringer all over again? Surely, he's had enough of the USG Ishimura. Too bad for our helmeted hero, then, that the developers at EA Motive have done such a fine job with Dead Space's New Game Plus mode.

What Carries Over Into New Game Plus

First, what does Isaac get to keep on his return trip? Dead Space's New Game Plus is pretty generous in terms of stuff from your first file that sticks around for your second. Many of your pickups during the initial twelve-chapter run through the game's scary story remain in your arsenal – though not everything makes the jump. Here's what you'll find waiting for you:

  • Every weapon you've acquired.
  • All upgrades you've applied to your weaponry.
  • Previously-unlocked suits.
  • Your preexisting stockpile of credits.

So, that's your guns, their mods, your armor, and as much cash as Isaac had on his person at the end of the game. Not bad at all. What does that leave? Stasis and Kinesis will still need to be acquired normally as part of early storyline events, which isn't too big a deal. And… that's about everything, really. Again, nicely generous.

Then again, you're going to need all the kindness you can get…

What Unlocks With New Game Plus

When you start a fresh file in the new Dead Space, the (graphically refreshed and gorgeous) original game's ending is what you'll receive upon completion. Don't get us wrong, it's a fun ending. But you'll need New Game Plus in order to unlock a brand-new ending.

You'll have to put in some extra legwork, too – scattered throughout the ship will be 12 'Marker Fragments' that must be located and brought to a certain area as part of the quest to nab that new ending.

So, right off the bat, the developers are making it clear that this isn't just New Game Plus; it's completely new content. Which is rad. Beyond the secret ending and associated relics, however, there's a bevy of coolness to be experienced:

  • 50,000 more credits, helpful for continuing to upgrade your inventory.
  • Ten Power Nodes, helpful for… ditto.
  • A Level 6 Power Suit, helpful for surviving…
  • …the new Phantom-type Necromorphs, NGP-exclusive, beefed-up monsters. With glowing red eyes. Wicked.

Introducing Impossible Difficulty

There's one more thing we ought to address. While it's not strictly tied to New Game Plus in the conventional sense, Dead Space's highest difficulty tier, 'Impossible', can only be unlocked after beating the game once through 'Hard' mode. Selecting 'Impossible' transforms the remake into a one-life-to-live sort of scenario, a rogue-like, if you will.

'Hard' already increases the damage Necromorphs deal whilst decreasing the damage Isaac dishes out in turn; 'Impossible' takes that preamble, and makes it so no matter how far into the campaign you are, death means starting over all the way from the very beginning. If that doesn't sound like your idea of a good time, then frankly, we really don't recommend doing it.

On the other hand, players who brave the gauntlet and live to tell the tale will receive the 'Untouchable' Achievement, plus the Hand Cannon weapon (psst, it's an omnipowerful foam finger) and Burnished Suit.

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