Dead Space Remake’s ‘Indecipherable’ Text Log Has Been Deciphered

Games handle storytelling and world building in different ways. There's the cutscene-laden, story-heavy approach of The Last of Us; and conversely, you have FromSoftware's method of trickle-feeding story elements via the world itself and random item descriptions. Most games, however, tend to approach storytelling with a mixture of both cutscenes and text or audio logs. While some of these logs are pretty straightforward, and tell you about a particular incident, others can be a bit more cryptic, like in the case of Dead Space's 'Indecipherable' text log.

As you make your way through the USG Ishimura once again, this time in the remake, you'll come across text logs that will tell you about the horrific events that took place on the ship. However, on your New Game+ run, you'll find additional text logs in your inventory, with one of them simply titled 'Indecipherable'. These logs reveal further details about the events of the game, and even some events that will take place in Dead Space 2 and 3. Some series fans realised that the 'indecipherable' text is actually Marker symbols and used this knowledge to translate the text log (thanks, PCGamesN).

Warning: Spoilers for the Dead Space Series below.The deciphered text reads:

They walk in white

Untouched by red

They order the living

They shepherd the dead

A finger’s touch –

We’re frozen still

They are the answer

They are the will

Beyond the stars

The brethren wait

Oracles, deliver us

From humanity’s fate

Fans of the series will know that these lines reference the events that take place in the latter two games, but the original poster, GingyYoutube, has another theory that involves the Dead Space mobile games.

They theorized that "in the Dead Space mobile games there's a white Marker which appears, never is given any explanation or backstory, but it fits the idea of something walking in white and untouched by red, presumably the red marker. Along with this, the last line kinda feels like it's a prophetic warning, about someone asking for some outside influence to deliver humanity from its Dead Space 3 fate, that is being found by the Brethren moons and presumably convergence being achieved as all of humanity is turned."

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