Dead Space: Scientific Methods Side Mission Guide

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  • Following 'Nicole'
  • Finding The Autopsy Recording
  • Doctor Kyne's Location
  • Mercer's Quarters And Completing The Quest

Dead Space is, at its core, all about Isaac Clarke figuring out what in heck's name is going on aboard the USG Ishimura – and doing something about it. EA Motive's 2023 remake cleverly integrates several new side missions into that formula, never straying so wayward of the source material as to feel tacked-on, and always adding something of value in the process.

Enter 'Scientific Methods', a short but packed quest centering on the roots of the Necromorph outbreak. Players who successfully complete this one will unlock the 'Whole Again' achievement, as well as some solid lore and more. Let's hop to it.

Following 'Nicole'

You can begin 'Scientific Methods' as early as Chapter Two. It's available through Chapter 11, Dead Space's penultimate section. Our recommendation is that you tackle the quest as early as possible, since you're brought to its doorstep quite organically through the main campaign in Chapter Two.

'Scientific Methods' starts in the Emergency Room, a primary destination at this point in the game's story. There are several patient beds here. Interact with them until you locate the one that activates a holographic recording featuring Nicole.

Once the scene has finished, note how Nicole's hologram steps straight through a wall, seemingly exiting the scene altogether. Your objective indicator should add 'Follow Nicole' as a new side mission. Let's do it. Head to the nearby circuit breaker, powering the shower room with the cell that's a few meters off. Use Kinesis and enter the room just to the left of the breaker.

Grab the audio log inside. Give it a listen, and your next objective becomes clear.

Finding The Autopsy Recording

You can't continue this quest until Chapter Three. The location in question simply isn't available until then. But, if you took our advice and got it started in Chapter Two, you're in great shape to keep at it without needing to backtrack.

Once you've reached Engineering, head to the Security Station, then follow the indicator (make sure you have 'Scientific Methods' selected as your active quest) to locate the body in the Machine Room.

If this is your first time down here, be sure to grab the Ripper, a new weapon, from a corpse at the bottom of the staircase.

Down in the Machine Room is the doorway to the small Calibration Room. Here, you will locate the next hologram.

Doctor Kyne's Location

We'll begin this next leg of the grisly journey as soon as Dead Space grants us access to Deck D: Maintenance in Chapter Seven. Hang a left at the 'Teamwork Improves Safety' sign, handling the Necromorphs here as you please. (Beware: there are quite a few.)

Enter the doorway to Secure Storage just ahead and past the Maintenance Bay. Reroute power at the circuit breaker to Storage 02. More Necromorphs will lovingly ambush you when you do so. Here, Kyne's log will be acquired. Good work!

Mercer's Quarters And Completing The Quest

We're pretty sure you can't wrap things up on this front until Chapter Ten, since that's when we were able to reach the Ishimura's Crew Deck for the first time.

From your arrival point on the tram, make for the Crew Deck and locate the Common Area. There's a Power Cell in the trippy basketball zone. Use the Power Cell to give some juice to the Elevator and acquire the Crew Deck Card from a nearby corpse.

Armed with the card, hitch a ride on that elevator and head to Central Nexus Floor One. The plot will carry on accordingly for a while – you'll be on the run from a Hunter at one point – and when at last you're able to access Deluxe Quarters, you want to use your indicator to track the precise coordinates of the Guest Quarters, where the quest concludes and the 'Whole Again' trophy or achievement becomes yours.

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