Dead Space To Receive Graphics Fixes Soon

Dead Space is here, and it's great. That's according to the reviews, with some players calling Dead Space the gold standard for future remakes (although some still think it strays a little too far from the original). It's not perfect, and it's still not going to bring non-horror fans over to the dark side, but it's pretty great.

What's not great are a few lingering graphics issues that just didn't get ironed out by developer Motive before release day. The issue was brought to the fore on Twitter by Digital Foundry's John Linneman (via Eurogamer), who noted how the PS5's variable rate shading (VRS) caused certain textures to become washed out when in shadow. He also noted how PC can't even get rid of VRS in order to improve texture quality, with graphics-boosting options like DLSS and FSR2 murdering your textures.

But we have good news for those with an eye for quality. An EA spokesperson took to the official Dead Space subreddit to reveal a new patch is on the way that will fix these VRS issues.

"The team is working on a patch that will improve the issue on PS5," the spokesperson wrote. "This patch will also provide an option to disable VRS on PC. No ETA quite yet, but I’ll keep you all updated. Thank you for your patience as well as your help with identifying this issue!"

Dead Space launched last Friday and fans has already uncovered some of the game's secrets. For example, the "indecipherable" text logs that appear in New Game+ have been deciphered revealing a creepy poem that very much fits in with the rest of the Dead Space universe. Spoilers if you click this link.

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