Deadpool Finally Arrives In Fortnite, With A Catch

The Deadpool skin is finally available on Fortnite, but players need to have completed all seven weeks’ worth of the anti-hero’s challenges to unlock it.

When the second season of Fortnite‘s second chapter launched almost two months ago, it came with an added and unexpected surprise: The reveal that Fortnite had teamed up with Marvel for the third time in as many years. This time, the island did not play host to Thanos as it has done the previous two times, though.

Instead, Deadpool is the focus of this particular crossover event. The trouble is, everyone’s favorite anti-hero has been confined to his humble office for the past seven weeks. During that time, Deadpool has been issuing challenges to players. Each completed set has earned a new reward, but not the reward almost all players have been waiting for: A Deadpool skin.

Promo image of Deadpool in Fortnite.

The good news is the elusive Deadpool skin has finally arrived in-game. Earlier this week, we noticed a calendar in Deadpool’s office with a big red circle around April 3, 2020. That gave away that something big was happening today, and players have been treated to more than just the release of the skin. Deadpool has also taken over the yacht, even defacing the Midas statue within it by making it look like himself.

There is a little work to do before players can don the Deadpool skin and assume the identity of the Marvel hero, though. As always, there are challenges to complete. Players will first need to find Deadpool’s two pistols which, as with his other lost items, are hidden somewhere in HQ. Then players just need to enter a phone booth or portapotty during a match and they will emerge as Deadpool.

This isn’t the end of Deadpool’s weekly challenges. The superhero will return with more tasks for players in week eight and also come bearing a brand new reward. An alternate skin featuring a maskless Deadpool. If the leaked images are accurate, just like the movies, Deadpool’s scarred face ain’t that pretty. It also doesn’t bear any resemblance to Ryan Reynolds, which is a real shame.

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