Deliver Us Mars: Chapter Four Walkthrough

The fourth chapter of Deliver Us Mars puts your exploration and climbing skills to the test. The puzzles are harder and the consequences are deadlier now that you're on the Martian surface – you'll need to mix bravery with caution if you want to reach the safety of the rover at the other end of Hershcel Quarry.

Some of the challenges in this chapter require precision timing, while others are simply a matter of patience and perseverance. If you're stuck, use this guide to find your way forward as you explore the surface of the Red Planet.

How To Reach The Elevator At The Bottom Of The Quarry

When the chapter begins, Kat is almost out of oxygen after her trek across the Martian dunes. Proceed directly forward and to the left, following the cliff wall, until you come to a building. The airlock will automatically cycle when you enter, replenishing your oxygen tank.

Inside, go upstairs to find another airlock, which leads back outside. You’ll find the main part of the facility there. Kat will automatically approach the cliff edge; move the camera to inspect various parts of the installation.

Start by looking to your left for a set of mining equipment. Once Kat finishes assessing the situation, look directly across the quarry for a vehicle, just to the left of the two spherical structures. Finally, look just to the right of the equipment you initially inspected to notice a lift.

With the quarry surveyed, walk to the left until you come to a low point in the cliff face. You can jump down to small ledges to quickly reach the bottom. Some of the ledges are barely visible, especially once you’re halfway down!

If you reach the elevator shaft within ninety seconds of inspecting it from the clifftop, you’ll receive the Kats Always Land On Their Feet Achievement.

When you reach the lift, you’ll discover that it doesn’t have power. You may also notice that your oxygen is depleted by one bar. Climb the ladder to your right and enter the building at the top to replenish your air. Decrypt and view the hologram inside, then proceed to the opposite airlock to head back outside.

How To Reach The STREAME Point In The Quarry

Make your way to the ruined equipment ahead of you, then turn right. Kat will notice a nearby STREAME tower that can be used to bring the elevator online. You’ll need to climb up to it.

Enter the decompressed building near the tower – note that you can’t replenish your oxygen tank here. On the other side is a dangling platform that you can latch onto. Jump toward it and use your climbing picks to grab hold.

The timing here is extremely tricky – wait until the platform is almost perpendicular with your ledge, then jump toward it. You’ll just barely be able to catch the bottom as you fall. If you miss, go back up the stairs and try again. For best results, aim upward as you jump.

When you reach the left side of the platform, wait until it swings so that you’re over the opposite ledge, then drop down. Climb the crates and jump to the cliffside. This is a tough jump, so your best bet is to aim for the right side of the ledge when your platform swings closest.

Throughout this section, keep an eye on your oxygen levels. If you start to run low, return to the hologram room to replenish.

Once you’re up the cliff, enter the building in front of you. View the hologram inside, then continue. Outside the rear airlock, look to your left to find a climbable wall. Use your picks to ascend to the next level, then jump across to the ledge behind you.

There are some optional collectibles on both the left and right side of the next room. Once you’re satisfied with your search, leave through the exit on the far end and use your picks to climb across the wall to the left. Whatever you do, don’t fall – it’s a long way down!

When you reach the other side of the chasm, crouch underneath the pipe in front of you then climb up to the next ledge. Carefully walk across the pipe to the exit on the far side. Enter the building outside the tunnels to restore your oxygen tank and start setting up the MPT lasers.

How To Power The Elevator

In this puzzle, you’ll be introduced to a new mechanic, the MPT Resistor. Inspect the tripod at the far end of the room with a yellow field over it. Kat will read the label, indicating that beams entering the resistor have their power reduced.

Start by cutting open the floor panel to access the nearest MPT emitter. Use both available emitters to power the panels beyond the glass; the left receiver opens the door, while the second boots up the control interface.

Note that each emitter and receiver has a different power level. From this point forward, receivers need the correct amount of power in order to work; no more, no less. Aim the right emitter at the door lock, and the left emitter at the interface receiver.

Both receivers are getting too much power, so place the resistor at the point where the beams cross. It can be a little tough to see what you’re doing since everything you’re working with is translucent, but Kat will speak up when the resistor is correctly placed.

Head into the control room and activate the MPT interface. Aim the transmitter down and to the left, aligning it with the receiver near the elevator shaft. The reticule will turn yellow when it’s in position.

With the elevator powered, the exit door on the left will unlock. Go outside and hop down the ledges to reach the quarry basin, then walk across to the elevator. Hit the button to start riding up the cliff.

How To Reach The Rover

Near the top of the climb, the elevator will break down. When the safety rail falls away, jump to the climbable wall on the cliff face. Climb up and to the left to reach the gantry above. Drop onto the top of the elevator, then jump to the ledge on the other side. The elevator will fall behind you; there’s no going back.

Walk to the cliff face and start climbing; note that not all the wall sections here can be grabbed with your picks. You can still cross these hard sections; as long as your pick lands in a spot where it can find purchase, nothing else matters.

Climb up and slightly to the right until you can cross the section of hard rock to your left; from there, it’s an easy climb to the metal platform above. Once there, enter the tunnel. You’ll need to turn on your flashlight to see.

Inside is an industrial rock grinder. You’ll need to climb it to reach the exit at the top of the chamber. Wait for the moving section to pass, then climb on the bottom arm. When the moving part comes around, jump to climb on top of it. Immediately turn around, and climb onto the stationary arm as your platform passes under it. From there, you can climb to the top of the mechanism and reach the exit.

To get back to the surface, you’ll need to climb the wall while avoiding grinder arms. From bottom to top, the arms come from the right, left, and right. Watch each arm as you approach the groove it’s left in the rock; if it’s coming, wait for it to pass before continuing.

When you reach the top, it’s a short walk to the rover. By this point, your oxygen is probably getting low, so hurry to the rover to reach safety and trigger a cutscene.

Inside the rover, you’ll encounter a dream sequence. Walk across the hall to Claire’s room and speak with her, then go down the hall to Isaac’s room. After viewing the memory there, go downstairs to the living room and approach the window on the left.

When Claire and Kat finish their conversation by the window, turn around and walk toward the back door. Follow Claire to the jetty in the backyard; when she jumps in the water, go back to the house. Walk around the right-hand side of the building, following Isaac to the barn. When you approach the barn door, the chapter’s final cutscene will play.

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