Destiny 2: Everything You Need To Know About Adept Mods

In an effort to make Trials of Osiris and other endgame activities more rewarding, Bungie has added Adept gear into Destiny 2 with Season of the Hunt. Adept weapons have slightly better Masterwork stats than their non-Adept counterparts and can equip a new category of mods named Adept mods.

These mods offer some large bonuses that rival or even exceed what Masterwork bonuses can provide. Earning these mods requires you to complete endgame activities such as going flawless in Trials of Osiris or completing a Grandmaster Nightfall. For those that want to have the best weapons possible, here is everything you need to know about Adept mods in Destiny 2.

Updated March 17th, 2021 by Charles Burgar: Season of the Chosen has given PvE players a method of obtaining Adept weapons and mods on their own. Grandmaster Nightfalls now provide Adept mods and weapons for Guardians to chase. A new Adept mod was also added this season. We have restructured this article to go more in-depth with what each mod does, stating which weapons it can be applied to and any notable quirks that mod has.

What Are Adept Mods

Adept mods are more powerful variants of pre-existing weapon mods that usually grant a +10 stat increase. Unlike normal mods, these Adept variants can come with negative effects such as reduced handling or stability. These Adept mods also take up the same mod slot as your standard mods do, which means you’ll have to give up the likes of Icarus Grip or Major Spec for some of these bonuses. Only Adept weapons can equip Adept mods.

How To Obtain Adept Mods

Adept mods can be obtained through the following:

  1. Reach the Lighthouse by completing a flawless card in Trials of Osiris.
  2. Successfully complete a Grandmaster Nightfall.

Trials of Osiris will only give one type of Adept mod when players reach the Lighthouse. The Adept mod available changes each week. Grandmaster Nightfalls use a knockout system, similar to how standard mods work. This means that the fastest way of completing your Adept mod collection is to farm Grandmaster Nightfalls. One Adept mod, Adept Big Ones Spec, is exclusive to GM Nightfalls currently.

Every Adept Mod (As Of Season Of The Chosen)

Guardians can farm Adept mods from going flawless in Trials of Osiris or by completing a Grandmaster Nightfall. Adept Big Ones Spec is exclusive to Grandmaster Nightfalls; every other mod is available in either activity. There are 14 Adept mods in total. Let’s go over what these mods are capable of.

Once again, these mods can only be equipped on Adept weapons. Mods that reduce your stats cannot lower a stat value below ten, similar to how Iron Banner perks work. Conversely, mods that increase the value of a stat cannot raise that stat above a value of 100.

Adept Accuracy

  • Effect: +10 Accuracy
  • Useable On: Bows

Adept Big Ones Spec

  • Effect: Deal 7.7% increased damage against Majors and Bosses.
  • Usable On: All weapons

Adept Big Ones Spec can only be obtained from Grandmaster Nightfalls. This mod acts as a combination of Major and Boss Spec. Its damage percentage is the same as Minor, Major, and Boss Spec.

Adept Blast Radius

  • Effect: +10 Blast Radius
  • Usable On: Grenade Launchers, Rocket Launchers

Adept Blast Radius still respects the blast radius cap on Special Grenade Launchers. A Special Grenade Launcher cannot exceed a blast radius of 55 (50 with Proximity Grenades), even if this mod is equipped.

Adept Charge Time

  • Effect: +10 Charge Time
  • Usable On: Fusion Rifles, Linear Fusion Rifles

Strangely omitted from the mod’s description, Adept Charge Time reduces the damage of your Fusion Rifle bolts while equipped. It’s by a significant amount, much more than Accelerated Coils or a Charge Time Masterwork. This mod is a detriment for most Fusions and not recommended.

Adept Counterbalance

  • Effect: +25 Recoil at the cost of -10 Range
  • Usable On: All weapons

Adept Draw Time

  • Effect: +10 Draw Time
  • Usable On: Bows

Bows have a hard cap on their draw speed. Precision Bows can reach 576 draw time, and Lightweight Bows can reach 540 draw time. This cannot be lowered further through any means, this mod and Archer’s Tempo included.

Adept Handling

  • Effect: +10 Handling
  • Usable On: All weapons

Adept Impact

  • Effect: +10 Impact
  • Usable On: Swords

This mod can only be used on Swords. It works similarly to an Impact Masterwork, increasing a Sword’s damage by roughly 3%. Adept Big Ones is a much better option.

Adept Mag

  • Effect: +40 Magazine at the cost of -20 Handling
  • Usable On: All weapons excluding Rocket Launchers and Breech-Loaded Grenade Launchers

For clarity, the +40 magazine increase is a percentage increase, not a flat addition. Most weapons will only gain one to three extra rounds when compared to Backup Mag.

Adept Projectile Speed

  • Effect: +10 Projectile Speed
  • Usable On: Grenade and Rocket Launchers

Projectile speed is displayed as velocity on Grenade and Rocket Launchers.

Adept Range

  • Effect: +10 Range
  • Usable On: All weapons except Swords and Bows

Adept Reload

  • Effect: +10 Reload Speed
  • Usable On: All weapons except Swords

Adept Stability

  • Effect: +10 Stability
  • Usable On: All weapons except Swords

Adept Targeting

  • Effect: +10 Aim Assist at the cost of -20 Stability
  • Usable On: All weapons except Swords

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