Destiny 2: Festival Of The Lost 2022 – Haunted Lost Sectors, Manifested Pages, And Book Of The Forgotten Guide

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Destiny 2's Festival of the Lost is back in Season of the Plunder. Guardians get to dress up in spooky outfits and clear Haunted Lost Sectors, festive variants of Destiny 2's planetary side dungeons. Jump into the yearly Halloween event to get your hands on new weapons, cosmetics, and even a new title.

Not much has changed with Festival of the Lost compared to previous years, but we did get some new cosmetics to chase this time. The new Mechabre Sniper Rifle is a chase item for any sniper mains, and this year's reprised FOTL weapons are sure to impress. Here is everything you need to know about Destiny 2's Festival of the Lost event for 2022.

What Is Festival Of The Lost?

Festival of the Lost is Destiny 2's annual Halloween event that runs from October 16 to November 2. In this event, Guardians will get to explore a suite of Haunted Lost Sectors in a new playlist activity, earning candy and other goodies. New weekly bounties are available for an additional source of Bright Dust, and some new weapons are up for grabs.

This year's Festival of the Lost has a new Sniper Rifle to chase: Mechabre. This 72 RPM Arc Sniper Rifle has some solid perk choices. For those who missed previous Festival of the Lost events, you can also expect some other Halloween-themed weapons like the Jurassic Green Pulse Rifle and BrayTech Werewolf Auto Rifle. Jump into your favorite activities, collect candy, and earn some sweet loot. Eververse also has a mech-themed set of armor available during this event, purchasable with Silver or Bright Dust.

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Gone But Not Forgotten Quest

Everyone's favorite gun-running grandma, Eva Levante, is back with new goodies this year. Head to the Tower to find Eva directly across from spawn. She'll greet you with a festive mask and the "Gone But Not Forgotten" questline. This quest showcases how Festival of the Lost works and grants a free Mechabre Sniper Rifle when finished. Here's what the quest asks you to do:

  1. Equip the Festival of the Lost mask Eva gives you.
  2. Complete a Haunted Lost Sector.
  3. Use Manifested Pages to unlock lore from the Book of the Forgotten.
  4. Claim an Event Challenge.

It's effectively the same quest as last year. For those stuck on the Manifested Pages step, you'll need to visit the book beside Eva Levante at the Tower. This UI is where you use your Manifested Pages—converted Spectral Pages earned by defeating Headless Ones in Haunted Lost Sectors—to unlock lore entries.

Completing these lore pages will complete Event Challenges. Similar to Seasonal Challenges, you may claim Event Challenges for certain rewards. Visit your Quests tab to find your Event Challenges page. Claim any challenges to earn Legendary Shards, Enhancement Prisms, and new cosmetic goods. You'll also earn Event Tickets, a currency used to earn cosmetics from the premium Event Pass. We'll cover the Event Pass at the end of the guide.

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Haunted Lost Sectors

Haunted Lost Sectors are an event-exclusive playlist you can queue from the Tower. This activity tasks your fireteam with finding ritual circles to summon Headless Ones, large Hive Knights with pumpkin heads. Kill as many as possible within four minutes to maximize your loot earnings.

When you've slain enough Headless Ones, a Lost Sector boss will spawn. You'll need to damage the boss until it becomes invulnerable, at which point you'll need to use the nearby ritual circles to spawn a Headless One, Slay the Knight, grab the orbs from its corpse, then throw the orbs at the boss to remove its immunity shield. Rinse and repeat until you've cleared the activity. A chest will spawn when finished that drops Candy and event weapons. This is also your main method of earning Manifested Pages, a currency used to complete Event Challenges.

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Candy And Spectral Pages

A Festival of the Lost mask must be equipped to enable Candy drops.

Throughout the event, defeating enemies with a Festival mask equipped has a chance of dropping Candy, the seasonal currency for this event. You can use your Candy to purchase items from Eva Levante at the Tower. Enemies in the Haunted Lost Sector playlist are guaranteed to drop Candy.

Completing any activity in Destiny 2 will award Spectral Pages. This currency must be converted into Manifested Pages through the Haunted Lost Sector event before it can be used. Clear your favorite activities, earn a stockpile of Spectral Pages, then run a Haunted Lost Sector to convert all of your Spectral Pages into Manifested Pages.

Book Of The Forgotten

Lore pages from last year have returned. Tab to Vol. 1 of the book to unlock any missed lore pages. Vol. 1 pages do not count towards Event Challenges this year.

Manifested Pages are used to unlock lore pages in the Book of the Forgotten. Each page requires a different number of Manifested Pages to decrypt. You'll need a total of 194 Manifested Pages to complete the Book of the Forgotten. Decrypting pages from this book is key to completing Event Challenges, something you'll need to earn this event's Ghost Writer title and other event-themed rewards.

The Fastest Currency Farms

  • Candy: Farm Haunted Lost Sectors or rotating PvP playlists. Haunted Sector enemies drop plenty of Candy, and rotating PvP playlists take a few minutes to finish.
    • Keep an eye out for Scorched, Momentum Control, and Mayhem.
  • Spectral Pages: Farm Vanguard Ops, Heroic Public Events, or Expedition. Each activity grants x3 Spectral Pages per clear.
    • Heroic Public Events on the EDZ and Nessus are the fastest. The shorter the activity, the better your hourly earnings.
    • Manifested Pages: Farm Haunted Lost Sectors. Headless Ones convert Spectral Pages into Manifested Pages.
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      FOTL 2022 Event Challenges

      Event Challenges are time-limited Triumphs that grant event cosmetics and upgrade materials when completed. There are 17 Event Challenges in total, and most of them are required to earn this event's Ghost Writer title. All Event Challenges and their rewards can be found below.

      You may only use Festival of the Lost mask ornaments during the event. Event Tickets also expire when the event ends. All other rewards do not expire.

      CryptozoologistUse a Manifested Page to restore a chapter in the "Tales of the Forgotten – Vol. 2."
      • Mechabre – Sniper Rifle
      • 25 Legendary Shards
      • Event Ticket
      Bookworm IUse 9 Manifested Pages to unlock chapters in the "Tales of the Forgotten – Vol. 2."
      • Lost at Sea – Emblem
      • Festival of the Lost T-Shirt Code
      • Event Ticket
      Bookworm IIUse 18 Manifested Pages to unlock chapters in the "Tales of the Forgotten – Vol. 2."
      • Pulp Texture – Shader
      • 2 Enhancement Cores
      • Event Ticket
      Bookworm IIIUse 27 Manifested Pages to unlock chapters in the "Tales of the Forgotten – Vol. 2."
      • Coffin Nail – Ship
      • Enhancement Prism
      • Event Ticket
      Heads Will RollDefeat 100 Headless Ones in Haunted Sectors.
      • 5 Spectral Pages
      • 25 Legendary Shards
      • Event Ticket
      Local HauntsComplete 3 Haunted Sectors on each planet.
      • Bread Mask – FOTL Mask Ornament
      • 15,000 Glimmer
      • Event Ticket
      Candy CornerEarn 17,500 Candy from activities.
      • Telesto Mask – FOTL Mask Ornament
      • Enhancement Prism
      • Event Ticket
      Mystery MeetPurchase Epic Mystery Grab Bags from Eva.
      • 1,300 Candy
      • 25 Legendary Shards
      • Event Ticket
      SniperstitionDefeat combatants with Sniper Rifles.
      • Mechabre – Sniper Rifle
      • Upgrade Module
      • Event Ticket
      Automatic TransmissionDefeat combatants with Auto Rifles
      • BrayTech Werewolf – Auto Rifle
      • Upgrade Module
      • Event Ticket
      Third Shot's a CharmDefeat combatants with Pulse Rifles
      • Jurassic Green – Pulse Rifle
      • Upgrade Module
      • Event Ticket
      Shocking ConclusionDefeat combatants with Arc energy.
      • Caiatl Mask – FOTL Mask Ornament
      • Enhancement Core
      • Event Ticket
      Occult RItualComplete ritual activities, including strikes, Crucible matches, and Gambit matches.
      • Riven Mask – FOTL Mask Ornament
      • Enhancement Core
      • Event Ticket
      Strike the DeckComplete Vanguard Ops or Ketchcrash activities.
      • 3 Raid Banners
      • 10,000 Glimmer
      • Event Ticket
      Masked BanditComplete Crucible or Gambit matches while wearing a Festival mask.
      • 25 Legendary Shards
      • 25,000 Glimmer
      • Event Ticket
      Happy Haunting GroundComplete 35 Haunted Sectors in the Haunted Sector playlist.
      • Savathun Mask – FOTL Mask Ornament
      • Enhancement Core
      • Event Ticket

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      FOTL 2022 Rewards And Event Pass

      This year's Festival of the Lost has three weapons to chase, numerous Event Challenges, 27 lore pages, and the Ghost Writer title. For most players, the star of the show is the weapon roster. Mechabre is this year's new weapon, a 72 RPM Arc Sniper Rifle that can roll with Snapshot Sights and Opening Shot—arguably the best perk combination for Crucible sniper mains. It also has some solid PvE perk combinations for add clear and boss DPS. The Jurassic Green and BrayTech Werewolf were also refreshed with new perks; check to see their new perk pools.

      As with Solstice, Bungie also launched an Event Pass for Festival of the Lost this year. An Event Pass consists of seven cosmetic rewards which can be unlocked in any order. It's functionally a Battle Pass that's much shorter and only contains event-themed cosmetics. You must purchase the Event Pass to earn any of its cosmetic rewards; Event Challenges are not locked behind Event Pass ownership. Ownership of Season of the Plunder does not grant ownership of this Event Pass.

      Mechabre God Rolls

      Mechabre is the perfect middle ground between Occluded Finality and Frozen Orbit, two notable PvP Sniper Rifles. Featuring 45 zoom and 41 aim assist, Mechabre is arguably the best 72 RPM Sniper Rifle for the Crucible. At the very least, it's comparable to Borealis and Succession in terms of feel. When accounting for perks, it easily overtakes those weapons.

      All Mechabre rolls come with Search Party, an origin trait that grants faster ADS speeds and ADS movement speed when no allies are near. In terms of perks, this is the only obtainable 72 RPM that can roll with Snapshot Sights and Opening Shot, an S-tier combination for the Crucible. Paired with the origin trait, this weapon feels quite snappy for 3v3 modes and Rumble.

      As for PvE, Mechabre can be tuned to kill adds or deal respectable DPS against bosses. For the former, this weapon can roll with Voltshot, arguably the best add-clearing perk in the game. For DPS, you can get a roll with Clown Cartridge and Vorpal Weapon. This will generally outperform Triple Tap on a 72 RPM due to the archetype's small magazine size.

      God Rolls

      • PvE: Preference, Appended Mag, Clown Cartridge, Vorpal Weapon, Reload Speed MW
      • PvP: Arrowhead Brake, Accurized Rounds, Snapshot Sights, Opening Shot, Handling MW

      FOTL 2022 Event Pass Rewards

      You must purchase the Event Pass to access these rewards. The first three cosmetics are unlocked automatically, while the remaining four are unlocked through Event Tickets. Event Passes expire when their respective event ends.

      Bobbing For ApplesEmote
      Bold Chapalu160 Sparrow
      Angel's GleamShader
      Caramel Apple ShellGhost Shell
      Investigative DanceEmote
      Pumpkin BombTransmat Effect
      Sweet Treat ProjectionGhost Projection

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