Destiny 2 Players Are Really Upset About Beyond Light’s Loot

Beyond Light is here, and with it comes a new campaign, new Exotics to quest for, and a brand new onboarding experience for New Light players. However, veterans were expecting a wide loot refresh in Destiny 2 that doesn’t seem to have happened, and they’re more than a little miffed at the oversight.

As with all looter shooters, Destiny 2’s loot is extremely important. It’s a fundamental aspect of the game, and keeping that loot fresh and exciting is paramount to a looter shooter’s success. Veteran Guardians have come to expect a loot refresh with a large new expansion, but that seems to have been skipped in Beyond Light.

Beyond Light does have new weapons, armor, and Exotic items, but the loot that Guardians will encounter in the early portions of the expansion mostly drop randomly from enemies or are purchased from vendors using various currencies. None of these sources appear to be dropping loot that has been updated from Season of Arrivals, so Guardians are encountering the same loot they’ve been seeing for the past five months.

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Some of those items even have Season of Dawn power caps, meaning they’ll only be usable for the current season before their infusion caps will prevent them from being used in Power-enabled content.

Several highly-rated Reddit posts have popped up over the past 12 hours that decry Bungie’s decision to not update Destiny 2’s world loot. Many of them point out that sunsetting has drastically reduced the number of usable weapons in Beyond Light but few pieces of new loot have been added to replace the gear that has been lost.

Some are suggesting a stop-gap measure of recycling old weapons and armor but with updated infusion caps and refreshed perks, but that isn’t likely to happen until after Season of the Hunt.

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