Destiny 2: The Best Random Rolls For Hawkmoon

One of Destiny’s most iconic Exotics is Hawkmoon, a 140 RPM Hand Cannon that had three lucky bullets in every magazine. These bullets could stack together to deal some absurdly high damage in PvE and PvP, going as far as to one-shot Guardians if the player was lucky enough.

Bungie has redesigned Hawkmoon in Destiny 2 to have a juiced-up variant of the Final Round perk, but it still has a layer of RNG to it. In Destiny 2, Hawkmoon can roll with random perks, the only Exotic in the franchise with this feature. Some perk combinations make Hawkmoon an S-tier gun in PvE and PvP. Those chasing this fan-favorite Exotic should keep their eyes out for the following perks.

How To Earn Random Rolls

Hawkmoon is the only Exotic weapon in Destiny 2 that can roll with random perks. There are currently two ways of earning random rolls for Hawkmoon:

  1. Find a duplicate Hawkmoon from an Exotic engram.
  2. Complete the Harbinger mission in the EDZ.

The second option is by far the best. For those looking to complete this mission, you can check out our guide here.

When a duplicate Hawkmoon drops, it will roll with a different barrel, trait, and grip perk. The full roster of available perks can be viewed on API websites such as Let’s go over the best perks that Hawkmoon can roll with.

The Best Random Perks


  1. Fluted Barrel
  2. Hammer Forged Rifling
  3. Smallbore

Handling is the most important stat on Hawkmoon. Its range might be low for a 140 RPM Hand Cannon, yet this can be remedied with a good trait and Hawkmoon’s Masterwork perk. As a result, barrels that boost handling are the best.

Fluted Barrel is the only barrel that gives a major handling boost without any penalties. A +15 boost to Hawkmoon’s handling is immense, making this weapon handle nearly as well as a Quickdraw Primary. The +5 stability bonus also helps Hawkmoon stay on target during long gunfights.

The other two barrel recommendations, Hammer Forged Rifling and Smallbore, boost Hawkmoon’s range stat. Most barrels that boost handling have a penalty tied to them, making these barrels a good alternative.


  1. Opening Shot
  2. Killing Wind
  3. Rangefinder

Opening Shot is by far the best trait for Hawkmoon, granting your first bullet a massive boost to range and aim assist. If you wait for a short time before firing, Opening Shot will activate again. Not only does this make opening gunfights much easier, but it also gives your Paracasual Round a substantial boost to aim assist. With the Masterwork for Hawkmoon, Opening Shot is close to providing a free headshot from medium range.

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Killing Wind is also a good choice for aggressive players that main their Primary weapon in PvP, although PvE players will likely get more use out of it. The boost to range, mobility, and handling is excellent.

Rangefinder is also a good trait to have, granting Hawkmoon a solid amount of bonus range when zoomed in. This does add zoom to Hawkmoon’s sights, something that can be off-putting to hardcore PvP players. Nevertheless, most players will find Rangefinder to be more than serviceable.


  1. Polymer Grip
  2. Textured Grip
  3. Smooth Grip

Hawkmoon is the first weapon that lets Guardians farm for specific grip perks. Most grips tied to Hawkmoon grant handling or stability. Since handling is a top-tier stat in PvP, most grips are good.

Polymer Grip grants a +10 handling boost with no drawbacks, a perfect perk to pair with Fluted Barrel. Textured Grip is arguably a sidegrade to Polymer Grip, granting a greater handling boost of 15 at the cost of -5 stability. Losing five stability will only be noticeable for console players. Finally, Smooth Grip grants +5 stability and handling. While not the best option, it’s a solid perk that only benefits Hawkmoon.

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