Destiny 2: The Final Mission For Crow’s Quest Line Is Now Live…Sort Of

The Dawning has ended, but there’s still more to do before the end of Season of the Hunt. This week, the final step of Crow’s questline is available to complete solo or in a fire team. A word of caution, however: the quest is apparently very buggy.

The mission, called Coup De Grâce, ends the questline that began with the death of Osiris’s ghost Sagira. Crow offers an upgrade to your lure which allows that two of you to hunt down the Hive Celebrant responsible. The mission is more-or-less the same as your typical Wrathborn Hunt just on a bigger scale. You’ll be hunting all around the Dreaming City, trading spots with Crow as you look for the Celebrant. When you do eventually face of against the Celebrant, you’ll need to kill barrier champs (so bring the right mod) and teleport back and forth between the Dreaming City and the Ascendant Plane. The reward for completing the mission is a new ship and the Crow’s freedom…or at least, it’s supposed to be.

Bungie’s support Twitter account has tweeted out information about a couple of issues that players are commonly encountering with the mission. It seems like the ship is meant to be a completion reward that drops 100% of the time, so don’t bother farming for it. If you didn’t get the ship, it’s bugged.

Bungie also identified an issue caused by players that kill the boss too quickly. If the mission bugs out during the final fight, you might be killing the boss too quickly. Bungie also suggests you wait a few seconds after the orbs spawn before shooting them to teleport.

There are a couple of other issues that seem like bugs but haven’t been addressed by Bungie. Even though the cutscene shows Crow leaving with you, he remains in Spider’s Lair. Perhaps this is a situation similar to the rescue of Saint-14 and Crow is just waiting until more players have completed the mission. We may see him move to the tower this weekend or possibly at the next weekly reset.

The other issue is that earning the triumph for completing this mission leaves us two triumphs short of earning the Warden title. It isn’t uncommon for secret triumphs to unlock towards the end of the season, but in this case, there are no secret triumphs listed. Hopefully, it’s not an issue at all, but it certainly seems strange.

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